[Web Design] Soft-Proofing: Benefits for the Graphic Designer

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From Graphics – CreativePro.comSoft-Proofing: Benefits for the Graphic Designer:

Soft-Proofing: Benefits for the Graphic Designer There is a very useful, but often overlooked, feature in Photoshop relating to color reproduction. When used properly with the required process control procedures in place, it is extremely helpful to preview how the color in an image will render as it moves through the digital workflow. The feature I’m referring to is soft-proofing. Let’s discuss what soft-proofing is, and the benefits it offers before getting into the how-to steps within Photoshop. Quite simply, soft-proofing answers the question, “How will this image look when printed?” Or more specifically for a graphic designer, “How will this image look when printed by my print vendor on their press with the paper I selected?”

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