Some stuff

Here’s a few things I’ve missed though all the fun we had at Chris Power’s expense:

  • The Ripperman’s mom passed away on Dec. 8th. :0(
  • Santa Claus has a weblog… I’m HAVING second thoughts about him entering my house in the middle of the night, how about you?
  • Here’s YOUR chance to be Santa:
    It’s going to be a rough Christmas for Kimberly & her kids. She posted a wish-list on Amazon with some stuff she wasn’t able to get… 

    So if you guys can help (or at least spread the word, there’s still stuff there.). YOU WOULD SO TOTALLY ROCK!
    Kids *have* to have Christmas… simple as that.

  • 9 thoughts on “Some stuff

    1. Aw…. *blush*
      The thought of kids having a bleak Christmas, breaks my heart. It’s a great community we have, and there’s been a lot of people helping… but still I see some things that haven’t been bought.

      If anyone’s like me (y’know… no credit cards, can’t buy off the wish list ) and I know & trust you… and want to help Kimberly out, can you email me?

      I just had another one of my briiiiiiiliant ideas! :0)

    2. I wouldn’t send one thing to a nasty criminal like that who doesn’t realize that if you post your life on the internet and leave a place for comments by strangers, you’re going to get them. Having your friends trash someone who sees you in the light you present instead of their blinded foolishess doesn’t make you worth anything in my book.

    3. I understand. I just read all the comments.
      I just know it wasn’t too long ago, I did the same thing for my spouse over and over in an effort to straighten things out on our terms.

      So say, hypothetically, she WAS the worst person in the world… do her children deserve to suffer though the holidays? Does anyone’s?

      Of course it’s everyone’s choice… but I choose to help.

    4. #1: i didnt have any of my friends trash you, they posted on their own accord.

      #2: you brought it all upon yourself by passing judgement on me without knowing the circumstances or story behind the story.

      #3: nasty criminal?

      #4: you have lowered yourself to name calling and ugly remarks.

      I’d rather be the “nasty criminal” that you think I am then whatever it is you consider yourself to be.

      i actually feel sorry for you.

    5. That’s funny. All I did was point out that a crime was committed, as you admit it was. Is this oh so shocking? Goodness, you in fact told the story as if it happened last night, in the same breath as Eric’s request to help you. How can you not see that such a thing, and your attacking army of anonymous people, wouldn’t get one riled up? What did you want? A pat on the back and a few DVDs in contratulations for having evaded the police? Bravo!

    6. And by the way, I don’t feel sorry for me. I’m a law abiding citizen and a lawyer who has sworn, as part of that priviledge, to uphold the law. I will make no apologies for that.

    7. my post was on the 13th, Eric’s is on the 16th. i don’t post in the same breath as anything. i had mentioned the bounty hunter story in a previous post and it was requested of me to tell the whole story so i did.
      i put up a wishlist, so fucking what? i’m quite sure that everyone who has one up has something in their past you probably wouldnt approve of.
      my past is my past, i can’t change that, nor do i wish to.

      i’m not gonna post with “oh, i have a wishlist up, I better not offend anyone” in mind. that would be total bullshit and totally against everything i stand and live for.
      NO, i don’t like cops.
      NO, i don’t like bounty hunters
      NO, i don’t like lawyers

      and i won’t apologize for that.

      i live a law-abiding life now as well, only because i’m not willing to pay the prices, not because i have any deep respect for it.

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