Some Sunday thoughts…

First of all, let me be the first to shout out how much I love Amber. A lot of people have a hard time with hearing the truth. Much less, in an “In-our-face-pull-no-punches” style. Certain hateful people decided to go on a “morality-kick” and we were all suddenly expected to be held to some ridiculous standard like we’re public officials or something.

Her reaction was the same as mine. “So what?”.
Game. Set. Match. End of conversation. The only true way to squelch a controversy.

We had a long talk this week about “being in each other’s corner”. Deep down inside, she has a heart of gold, and despite being burned will still go out of her way for a friend. She doesn’t have to spew bile and hatred to get attention, then play martyr, then have to convince people “I’m not really like this… I’m a nice person if you get to know me.”

Amber’s the real deal…. and I couldn’t think of a better person in my corner.

Same with John, BWG, Jim, Al, Matt, and Jon.

There’s more. There’s lots more… but these are people stuck in between camps, that the price of speaking out against this small (but loud) minority is too much to pay. I know, and I still love you.

Randall Van der woning (aka “The Big White Guy”) was Debbie’s biggest victim. As I stated in my newsletter last night, he lost his mom to cancer as a child, then his dad to cancer at the time he met “Kaycee”. If anyone should want Debbie’s head on a stick, it should be him. On top if being victimized, he then became a suspect in a massive conspiracy (hell, I’m ashamed to admit I even had my doubts)… all for being good-natured, caring and trusting. But you won’t find him in the middle of *another* group of hatemongers. Their agenda is to have their names plastered on every newspaper and television set. The same people that told you “don’t believe anything until you check it out” will slap you down, put words in your mouth, and discredit you if you dare question them, or get in their way.

The truth is out…
Now he wants to just get on with his life.
Just like so many other people that were sucked into the lies
There’s a lesson to be learned there.

Count me in BWG’s corner.

(Yeah, I still think Debbie’s a hell of a writer, but that’s beside the point.)

Jon saw I was about to be massacred by said hate group above. He gave me a back door to get the hell out of there… and I took it.

But Jon also has me pegged. He knows I can play a crowd like a stradivarius. Know when to be a loud mouth, know when to scream for attention, be a hero, be an asshole, and play martyr to stop people dead in their tracks. I know what I’m doing. You only make me more powerful when you attack me publicly.

Jon would also like me to lay off the caffeine pills, and mellow out. :0)

When I redid the archives here, I relived times that were the most painful periods in my life… marked in between harsh remarks, “blog wars”, answering people back, heated debates…

Was it Karma? Totally unrelated? Or should I have had a better grasp controlling real-life events rather than escaping into the internet?

Who knows… but I’m really tired of it right now. There’s enough hate. I want to be a more “positive” force on the web now.

I’m blessed by a great core of friends. Friends that will back me whether I’m right or wrong. They’d prefer “right” a little more, but…

I can’t make any promises. Like Tiffany said (before *she* was temporarily run off the web by the “web nasties”): “It just wouldn’t be me.”

In conclusion:

  • You are judged by the friends you keep.
  • You are fooling no one. Your hatred and inner-ugliness will one day consume you.
  • You have *NO LIFE* whatsoever, if you actually sat down and read this all in one sitting.

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