Someone more bored than me.

Totse.Com – My suicide note

I must be jaded or twisted… but the responses on their message board to this guy who just announced he’s committing suicide are hilarious!

For example:

Originally posted by DannyJ:
Jeff I have some things to say to you which could help you out a lot. E-mail me in complete confidence:
You posted after he’d already killed himself on purpose just so you would look like a good person but know you wouldn’t have to actually help. Genius.

Oh, the drama…

10 thoughts on “Someone more bored than me.

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  2. I went back to that link to see this idiot didn’t off himself like he promised and he’s posting under a myriad of screennames to either convince everyone or make a big joke out of it to anyone who has figured out this guy is a total loser.

    I’m disappointed & I want my money back.

  3. Sounds like he needs psychiatric help either way!

    But what the hell is this forum about and how did you wind up there?
    The “hot topics” (top forum threads) alone couldn’t even give me a clue!

  4. I’m assuming it’s a “Fark” type site. It showed up in my referrers, I saw the link to “My Suicide Note”, and checked it out… seems like it’s mainly kids listening to that Emo shit music. I think they’re all a little disturbed.

    Very entertaining!

  5. I never found the link. I can only assume with a message board full of mentally disturbed people they were probably thinking of electing me a king or an honorary member or something.

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