Spamming spammers and the spam that they spam me with

You know. Maybe if I didn’t spend hours cleaning up all the comment spam on this site, I’d actually have time to post something here for my tens of ones of fans here.

When you’ve had a blog since 1998 (oh yeah baby, a YEAR before Blogger came out, I’m ahead of my time!) you have a BONANZA of places to leave comments if you’re a spammer.

Oh, and by the way. I hate comments. I think they’re the WORST thing to happen to blogs. Instead of someone commenting on something I said here on THEIR blog (thereby their readers come here…) now, they come here comment and that’s that. Where’s the community now???

I’m noticing a trend. They seem to home in on select posts as obviously the spambots know it’s a safe place to leave their crap.

So now I lock each post as they come in. (HA HA! *Gives the spammers the finger in defiance*)
The spam is *already* dying down.

If there is anyone who knows how to beat ANYONE at their own game…
… it’s me. 😀

7 thoughts on “Spamming spammers and the spam that they spam me with

  1. LOKI!…. I’m sure you probably have long forgotten me, so I found it appropriate to post on the very entry where you describe how you despise comments 😀

    Refresher: We met at Mad As Hell, then moved to Orgasmo’s, which we both still belong to….

    I always enjoyed talking to you, and I’m glad you’re still around. I’m having some fun browsing around your site. Hope all is well in your life!

    😀 Mi!!!

  2. Oh my GAWWWWD!!!!!

    Of course I remember you! Been racking my brains out trying to figure out where I knew your email from when you joined Problem Adults… so thanks for the refresher!!! So good to see you!

  3. Hey man, I’m happy to see you’re still posting here once in a while! As for comment spam, aren’t there any bayesian filter solutions you find acceptable? I found several that look promising… but unfortunately, posting the links here would make this post resemble comment spam 🙁

    Anyway, nice talking with you.

  4. Heh heh heh…. It’s been a long time since I dropped by here. I don’t get out much anymore, real life being, well, real life. 😉 But it’s good to see my favorite narcissist is still posting now and again. Salute!

  5. Oh the community still exists. I love that comments exist so I can read on one spot what others think about your post… my post, his post, her post. The posts do spread to multiple conversations at times via links in posts and via trackbacks – so that still goes on. I find many of us read the same blogs and do crossover onto each others.

    Maybe I so love comments as I came to blogging after comments existed, and I enjoy the feedback right to my mailbox as it goes with my current comment system (and likely the majority of comment systems, if not all of them by now.)

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