Spontaneous Day

You guys are too cool.. thank you so much! 😀

Aaaaanyway…. don’t you all miss when the web was a fun and goofy place? Way back before all the “serious” people came and fucked it up with their seeeeeeerioussssss topics?

*rolls eyes and uses hands to mimic the chatterboxes.*

Bastards. I hate them all.
And I lied when I said I “cared what they were going though”, so nyah!
It’s never seemed to occur to the “fun-challenged”, that we all get on the web to *escape* the daily bullshit we have to deal with at work, home, or the welfare office.


A day where we get spontaneous, and goofy and just do stuff… just because.

This will, of course, take time to plot and organize… and meticulous planning on all our parts.

I’ve learned FROM my mistakes. I hesitate to bring up the “Anarchy Club“, where all you little whiney bitches thought my rules in the charter were just a liiiiittle too rigid, or the “Non-Conformist Day” disaster when none of us could make up our mind on what us non-conformists should wear that day (goddamn it, why couldn’t we just dress in all black like all the other friggin non-conformists???)

Let’s plot out “Spontaneity Day” here in the comments. I need to know what types of spontaneous stuff you intend to do… and when.

15 thoughts on “Spontaneous Day

  1. I will put my big toe in my ear and cross my eyes and touch my tongue to my nose all at the same time!! Does that work??

    (and I’ll do it on May 13th, at 11:52am)

  2. Dude… if you plan it out, it ain’t Spontaneous.

    Way back before all the “serious” people came and fucked it up

    Way back… uh, hate to tell you, the “serious” people were here well before the web. We didn’t fuck it up, we built the damn thing. Seriously. 🙂

    oh well. And hey! don’t take this post too seriously. ok?

  3. “We didn’t fuck it up, we built the damn thing. Seriously. 🙂 ”

    Holy freakin cow!!!! Al Gore is on my site???? WOW!

    Dude… I’m the last person on earth to take anything seriously. Welcome, A.C.

  4. Don’t go for the obvious joke
    The comedy marms give you a poke
    Some are so sick of Spontaneity
    Constant conformity their diety

    But they’d rather get their critic on
    Then ever let one bygone
    Or even SHOW a sign of humor
    But instead infest like a tumor

    Eric’s right, that old linkwhore
    So sick of talk about some war
    There’s plenty more under the sun
    There’s room in life for some fun

    So soon back we will turn
    To axes grind and forums burn
    To that distant future learn
    Not rush we, food of worm

  5. >Holy freakin cow!!!! Al Gore is on my >site???? WOW!
    Well, Tipper gives me some computer time every now and again.

    Nice to make your acquaintance Eric.

  6. Well, I can’t really think of anything spontaneous to do off the top of my head right now, but when I think of something, I’ll do it. How’s that for a plan? 😉

  7. I’ll do something wacky on efrog…(since I’m still building the other stuff)

    But what day…

    I will have to CHECK with the raspberryheads in the yellow colored hats…

    968934r938 -> Fnord.

  8. After lunch today, I spontaneously stopped at the optometrist to pick up my contact lenses that have been sitting in their office for the past 3 weeks. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but it was truly a spontaneous moment!

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