Strange Day Today

Anyone catch The Worst of The Web today?

Today’s winner, had a threatening message that they can track anyone posting anything inappropriate on their site, and will prosecute. This, of course, triggered a wicked backlash. The floodgate burst open with hackers and hacker-wannabes taking this as a challenge.

The woman owning the site was flooded with taunts and lewd remarks, and her guestbook ballooned into an 85KB page full of entries from people offended by this. It was so bad that someone from Worst Of The Web posted on the guestbook asking the viewers to stop.

It certainly wasn’t W.o.W.‘s fault. I’m buddies with the main man behind the site (Name withheld, of course), and we’ve seen that they have had this problem for months…it’s all over their guestbooks. Today’s W.o.W. entry just gave the site larger exposure, that’s all… I wrote to her husband and literally BEGGED him to remove that message…I have received no reply as of yet.

Boys and girls…today’s object lesson: Don’t fuck with hackers!!!!! It’s like the Mafia…be nice to them, they’re nice to you!

I had a site that I was working on, where the owner wanted me to put a warning to hackers, to reassure all of his customers that the site is safe…

My reply? “Why don’t we hang a sign that says ‘WELCOME HACKERS!!! You’ll find our password directory here, and our customer’s credit cards scrambled in this directory…’.” You invite trouble with stupid warnings like that.

I felt for this family. They reminded a lot of the Tribe called Brooks. But their arrogance was the equivalent of her walking into a biker bar, wearing a chastity belt, declaring “No one can break into this!!!!”.

The guestbook entries are still pouring in on her site. I feel like I just witnessed a cyber-gang-rape.

A rant in Soapbox is definitely on the way.

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