Student Bodies got a bad reputation.

Well, looky-looky! It appears we all made the Weekly Wrap Up

There’s been quite a lot of blogging about high schoolish behavior, A-lists, and “inner circle syndrome”… let’s explore that a bit more, but with a slightly different twist.

1. Did you like high school? Why or why not?
Hell no! Who did? (Well Kindergarten and 12th grade did rock somewhat, but the rest sucked monkey cocks.)

**..// Edited: I just realized the question was “High School”. Look, I was happy in Kindergarten. Leave me alone. ..//**

2. Did you ever consider yourself a member of “The Breakfast Club”? Why or why not? Which “role” did you fit into? (Feel free to define a new role.)
I saw a little of all of them in me. Particularly John (the criminal) and Brian (the brain). Um, was Hannibal Lechter in the Breakfast Club? I forget.

… and I still want to boink Ally Sheedy in that pre-goth getup, does that count?

3. A 16-year old Canadian girl is going to jail for a year because a boy she bullied eventually killed himself. Do you agree or disagree with this decision? Why or why not?
Something about that story reeks. She’s supposedly a gang member, yet no other members are involved? He has all these friends, and yet the little loser felt there was no way out but to kill himself? His mother saying the sentence was too light, definitely screamed a “not my child” parent. I know a press snowjob when I see one.

I say no. The girl needs help, not incarceration.
(Yes, if it were my son, I would have had her whacked. I’m a hypocrite. Sue me.)

Funny thing is I was TERRORIZED by a girl in Junior High. Despite my friend’s advice, I couldn’t punch her lights out, because she was a girl and half my size. That’s where parents and principals come in.

4. Did you ever encounter a bully in high school? What happened? How did you deal with it? (Alternatively, if you were a bully, why did you make that choice?)

A little of both. I fucked with people, and they fucked with me. It’s called “being a boy”. It got extra brutal when I became the “lone white boy” in time.

My only advice with a bully is SHOW no fear. Sometimes your wits and your humor are all you have. I made a gang leader laugh so hard once in high school, he decided not to have his guys throw me over a balcony. He and the guys also looked out for me and we all became friends afterwards.

Make them laugh. Befriend them. Rip their throats out with your teeth while they’re sleeping over your house.

Treachery is just SO underrated.

5. What’s your suggestion to end the social differences in high school teens? Is there a quick-fix solution? Can anyone join “The Breakfast Club” or is that even exclusive? Why or why not?
Individuality. Do you have any idea how much pressure teens are under, and influenced to do stupid things by their friends? Acceptance is EVERYTHING at that age.

Learn who you are. What you want. Build your self-esteem.

As far as “joining”? I’m a solo act, baby.
Like Spider-Man… I’m never gonna be in The Avengers.

Bonus Question – What year did you graduate FROM high school? What was your class song?
1983 – This lame-assed song called “Let’s sing a song for Bushwick High”
(Ever see a bunch of Black, Puerto Rican, and Trash kids try and sing something that requires your head bopping???)

“The Jazzy Gents” (me and some of the school band), and our attempt to change it to “Billie Jean” was a miserable failure.

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