Studies in Misanthropy

The Blogosphere has probably got the biggest collection of Misanthropic dumbasses. Ever.

Yes. People suck. Most (not all) people are a waste of your time, energy and resources… but still, why do bloggers expect cyberspace to be any warmer and more cordial than the real world?

The message boards are no better. I’ve been studying this one guy who posts in one section dedicated to “Shameless Self-promotion”, contributes nothing anywhere else in the message board, encourages no one, and is the BIGGEST complainer when no one responds to him!

Boo. Effing. Hoo.

A-Lists have come and gone in the blog world… but there is always that “lesser person” out there who expects the entire world to link to them and shower this loser with adulation when they can only talk about the least-interesting subject in the world… THEMSELVES.

In case you didn’t learn this lesson when you were five: “If you want a friend, you have to BE a friend.” Same with the world of blogs… if you want people to visit your site regularly, you have to visit other people regularly.


10 thoughts on “Studies in Misanthropy

  1. I figure this is as good a post as any to comment on, just so you’ll know that, even though I’m extremely quiet these days, I still come by. And I admit I am misanthropic but I still like you as an individual. 🙂

  2. That should be a no-brainer, that to get visits you should visit. If you sit at home and never phone friends or go visit them it is not likely that you will maintain friendships, same here in the blog world.

    I do fall back on the visiting, myself at times due to work and activities beyond my computer – but then, when I fade out for a while I do expect to see that the visits to my blog will fade, it only goes hand in hand.

  3. Aww youse guys.
    Believe me, I have been SERIOUSLY busy and have little or no time to visit everyone I’d like…

    But then, none of us are whining about why we’re not the new blogging superstar… that requires 24/7 dedication to your blog, and I believe we all have lives, don’t we? 😉

  4. What Desiree says, you’ll have to visit others to get visited in return – unless you post nude pictures of yourself occationally, which is risky as they instead of attrtacting people might scare them off. Anyway, who cares.

  5. Yow, I am here visitng again…(2nd day in a row) and I EXPECT that you will have the common decency to rope your little misanthropic self over to my site and comment again! 😉

    Jus cool -=e=- Agree with what you say. I fall off on visits also, but like true friendship, these things aren’t ‘measured’, the love and camraderie is always there…vist when you can (when you remember, or when you are simply bored to bloodclaat!), stay cool dude!

  6. Right now I’m doing the blogging equivalent of forcing my neighbors to sit and watch vacation slides. I suck so bad.

    But I understand what you mean, especially since I’m currently dealing with someone who flew off the fucking handle because all her little cyber-friends deserted her when she started doing nothing but bitch about how craptastic her life was and how it was everyone else’s fault it got that way.

    Ugh! Save me from victims, please!

  7. I couldn’t agree more RE: whiny ass blog entries. For fun, I thought I’d try finding other Chads that are blogging and link them on my site; but to my horror, so many of them are the aforementioned whiny misanthropes, or post nothing but soporific entries about what they did, or didn’t do, or thought about doing, that particular day. I’m not saying you have to be constantly scintillating, but at least marginally interesting. PS- if anybody knows any kick-ass Chad’s blogging, let me know.

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