Summer’s here

And the prodigal son comes home…

2Tag comes home
Here’s 2-Tag trying to climb in our windows as he smells dinner cooking. He’s just too cute!

(What were you expecting… a widdle puppy or a kitty cat…ON MY SITE??? That’s it. Fuck you, you’re banned FROM this site for 3 months and two 1/2 days. LEAVE NOW!)

Now that the jerks have left…
Site update: On Friday, we noticed a device driver conflict on the server (a bad upgrade FROM the server company). This led to all of the sites being wiped out on Friday night, and restored FROM tape backups FROM the 17th. This is how all the tech dudes spent Memorial Day weekend.

Slowly but surely, we’ve been working out the kinks. Yesterday we discovered a permissions problem on all the sites which Patrick fixed by Tel-Netting and CHOWN-ing everything, and thereby saving the day…

(He’ll probably strangle me for posting all this, but I’m not in the mood to email everyone that’s asking.)

First and foremost, it’s more important to me that Tina is back up and running. I’ve also restored her last 3 posts and the comments.

Whatever kinks are still needing to be fixed here will be done in time. But, so far so good… the business sites and the paying customers come first.

8 thoughts on “Summer’s here

  1. “a widdle puppy or a kitty cat”
    never in a million years, and I like the bears!!
    glad you got everyone back up and running! amazing how the ‘paying customers’ always seem to get us more motivated!! *g*

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh ain’t he cute!!!! I’m glad to see you back up and running I thought I’d scared you off or something *smile*!!

  3. I’m just thrilled that 2-Tag survived last October’s hunting season (a cold snap threw them INTO hibernation two days before, and saved their lives.)

    This particular troublemaker is hilarious, and he gets INTO trouble everywhere he goes. Every morning, we drive past the dumpsters to see workers cleaning, bitching, and cursing after he ransacked the place looking for breakfast. Over the summer he ripped the siding off someone’s house looking for water…

    Just so you know I’m not one of those blind “not MY child” parents, ok? 2-Tag is a holy terror, and I know it. Pure mischief on four legs. But he’s only a yearling. And, uhm, it’s a phase and he’ll grow out of it.

    I just don’t want him learning to trust human beings, he’s already marked for death by the hunters here… so I kind of have this “tough love” thing going on with him.

  4. Never expected to encounter a cute teddybear on your site, ya big softie! ;op

    Glad to see ya back -e- got worried that my bird flip flipped ya off the face of the planet! ;o)

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