Swingin' 60's Part I: Keep off the Batboat!

batboat_tn.jpgI know, I know… it said: “Please keep off, signed, Batman“.

Did that little fat kid listen?

Actually that was at a boat show in Upstate N.Y., circa 1968. I’m the little fat kid. I got to ride on the Batboat from the “Batman” tv series… and even got a certificate (I think still have it. If I find it, I’ll scan it.) That I am a certified charter member of The Batboat Club: Stamping out Crime on the 7 Seas.

I don’t remember much, I was only three… but I do remember when that old geezer let me sit in it, those plastic seats were hot as hell!

How did Burt Ward *not* fry his little balls with those skimpy tights is a wonder to me!

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