“T” as in “Pterodactyl”

It’s Saturday… I’m bored out of my skull here at work.
I just had another one of my “Walter Mitty” moments….

I’m listening to the police scanner in the background of the empty newsroom as an officer is requesting information on someone named “Palmer”.

The trooper spells out the name: “Peter”, “Alpha”, “Lima” (as in Peru, not the bean. This is important later), “Mary”, “Echo”, “Run”….

I’m thinking back at my days in Travers Tool Company, in College Point, Queens. This one guy always got a kick out of me on the phone fucking with the purchase orders I was checking up on.

“B” as in “Bavid”
“D” as in “Doy”
“T” as in “Pterodactyl”… stuff like that.

Anyway… back to the Police scanner.
After hearing “Lima”, I can just imagine me interrupting the officer on the radio for clarification:

“Did you mean ‘Lima’ or ‘Lemur’…?”

It is moments like these that you need to get down on your knees and thank some Deity somewhere that I’m not on the police force…



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