Take that, Hotlinkers!

Dear CyberPals,

In case you’re unaware of my policy regarding graphics and content on my site here it is again:


Seriously. Hell, I’m flattered! I’ll never embarrass anyone with a silly email threatening to sue someone for taking my “Intellectual Property” (*snort* Sorry. can’t say that word without laughing.) For starters, it’s not worth me paying a lawyer $75 to mail a Cease & Desist letter; retaining that same lawyer when you respond back with a big ol’ “F**K You!!!”; to fly him and myself to your own home state pay even MORE court fees to get you in front of a judge for him to simply ask you to “take it down”. It’s not worth it. Besides, the most popular ones like Angel.jpg aren’t even mine to begin with. Just something I liked on the web a few years ago and saved on my server.

Besides, if you knew me in real life, you’d know I’d give you the last $5 in my pocket if I knew you needed it.

The only thing I do ask is that you put it up on your server instead of hotlinking off of my site. This website explains Bandwidth Theft better than I can, since some people obviously skipped the class on “Netiquette” when they signed on to the internets.

I was hitting the 85% danger zone last week, to which my webhost, Devilish Dave, reminded me my site has “Hotlink Protection”… which is now activated. Now you get a broken image. It could have been replaced a graphic with a middle finger extended and calling you and your mom all sorts of names… but I’m not that kind of guy anymore.

It’s not to embarrass anyone, I’ve seen my graphics hotlinked all over some really nice blogs and even the not-so-nice Free Republic.Com. If you are incapable of storing images on your blog’s server, there are a ton of places you can use for storage.
Over on the right is my pet Chupacabra, Ernie. Bandwidth costs me extra money. When you hotlink, and steal bandwidth, you take food out of his mouth.

Please don’t hurt Ernie like that.

8 thoughts on “Take that, Hotlinkers!

  1. “Besides, if you knew me in real life, you’d know I’d give you the last $5 in my pocket if I knew you needed it.”

    Hmm.. you’re sweeter than I thought 😉

  2. Your friend Chupacabra looks like he needs to get laid, big time! Maybe I should steal him and set him up on a local girl who can deliver the goods well! 😉

    Whaaapen -=e=- ? Everything cool?

  3. Hey, There Stranger! Those darn hotlinkers gettin to you? Do what some sites do…when you see someone stealin your stuff…change the image file to something really disgusting with the same name so that instead of getting your gorgeous graphic they get some butt fuckin ugly creature…

    Hotlinkers are really some amature site desingers & developers with no knowledge of true site design & development and are usually some lil fuckin teenager with no respect for no one else’s hardwork and effort…they are far too damn lazy to do their own shit so they steal others. Wz worst is when they steal images you work so hard to find and post them on ya site…

    You got a soft heart for hotlinkers and graphic thiefs…me? I woulda fucked them up…not legally but other ways…

    Anyways, hope all is well with you in other areas…sorry if am soundin bitter…I just join this chatroom…and some regs are havin a go at me and am goin thru a rough patch on there…LMAO! Yah, I temporarily lost interest in site design and development but am startin to miss it…my life is fucked up at the current moment…everything shot to hell…

    See ya around sometime dude..

  4. missk2 – It’s not like anyone had to teach them. They’re conditioned to think everything is free on the web. Like little kids reaching for stuff in shopping carts not realizing someone has to pay for it eventually.

    Pandora – Maybe you need a break sweetie. Hope things get better.

    Dr. D – It’s all good bredrin! Wait a minute, you’d take my Chupacabra to sunny Jamaica for fun and debauchery, and leave me behind??? THAT SUCKS!

    Nico – You know damn well, you’ve got a heart of gold and would do the same thing for a friend too! 🙂

    Mr. Larry – If you look at it, it’s such a losing proposition being the bad guy… look at Metallica a few years back going after little kids downloading their MP3’s.

  5. I had a hell of a time wih hotlinkers for a while — some of my videos got hotlinked, and that can get to be some serious bandwidth in a hurry. If you’re on an Apache server, you can use the .HTACCESS file to block out hotlinkers. That way, people can only use the graphics if they host them elsewhere.

    Here’s an .HTACCESS generator, if you don’t feel like writing it by hand:

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