Move over Woody and Buzz…

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Is this a gift only a creepy uncle type would buy a kid, or what?
Talking Jesus, Mary and Moses dolls due to go on sale in May

Jesus Action Figure (with Holy Ghost grip™)
Jesus Action Figure (with Holy Ghost grip™)

WHOAH! When did Jesus and Moses become Black belts?

More important than that… is it safe to remove their sashes without the fear of them chasing you all around the apartment?

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Published by Eric Brooks

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4 replies on “Move over Woody and Buzz…”

  1. Hey, I think those look awesome! Seriously! Hell, if I had the money I get my own! *LOL* Dead serious I would…

    K, I know am scary and got issues but I like how they look…very biblical like…kewl! Jesus lookin kinda hot…*LOL*

    Speakin of creepy lookin dolls…I found this story on The Official Ed & Lorraine Warren Site (Demonlogist from my home state of Connecticut) about this demonic doll named “Annabelle” and supposedly is true…here is the link to the story:

    They got some interesting stuff on their site…including Amityville & The Haunting as well as a real life Werewolf Of London case…their link is:

    Anyways, laters Eric!

  2. Well, Jesus *does* look rather buff, I have to admit. 😉

    I have to finish reading that link… I’ve always found Raggedy Ann dolls rather creepy. And, from what I understand, “The Amityville Horror” was proven to be a hoax years ago… I’d be interested in reading what the Warrens found as this new movie being billed as “Based on the true story” really pisses me off!

  3. D unno bout the new movie bein based on a true story…but that movie looks good!!! Am so goin to see it!! I think is a remake of the original Amityville horror…that is the i mpression I get…Yah, they got some interestin articles on their site…great reads!

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