Friday’s here….and I’ll be totally honest, I didn’t do crap at this site. Just a lot of whining all over cyberspace to people that really didn’t want to hear it. I’m fine about it. Really. Weird fucking week for everyone I know.

Rather than set up one of those silly cameras, I figured I’d show you a few things I see out my window every day. Besides, I do a lot of “things” when I’m alone that I’d rather you don’t see (bet you really wanted to know that, huh?). This is the view overlooking the Pocono Mountains in Sierra View.

This is Charlie. He and his harum of does are in my backyard every morning. Carole and the kids can’t get enough of them. I can’t wait till October’s hunting season so I can say “BYE CHARLIE!”. Now before you say “Eric, you heartless bastard” (man, I miss my mom!)… please understand why I feel this way. Why Carole & the kids don’t hate them is beyond me.

You try to kill me and my family, I try to kill you back. Not a difficult concept when you think about it.

  • BTW, Monday June 5th, is me & Carole’s 8th anniversary.
  • It’s a Girl! Congratz to Kevin & Lynn O’Reilly. Brianna O’Reilly was born 5/31 at St. John’s Hospital in Queens. The O’Reilly’s are Sammi’s Godparents, if you’re that curious.
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