Thank you cards….

I try not to bear my soul online much anymore. It just seems when I’m revealing a little bit of humanity, it serves no other purpose but to hand ammunition to my enemies. But I really gotta share this one:

Yesterday I took on the horrific task of cleaning out this desk.
(Pause for dramatic “GASP”)

I found a card I bought back in February, which I obviously forgot to send.

It was a card for my former publisher at work. She had since retired, and I thought she deserved to hear the happy ending more than anyone. The long-awaited court victory against the Gestapo.

You see, back in July of last year, we were sideblinded by the most ridiculous charges in court (I mean, more ridiculous than usual…). Because of a dead link 15-pages-deep INTO my site, which embarassingly redirected to a, uhm, less than reputable site, I was slapped with a court ORDER forbidding me to mention children on any website I control…

…including the sites at work.

I took it to my publisher, who was well-aware of the bad reputation of this agency and the living hell they were putting my family through. Even thought it was a bullshit court order, and my job was never served… she sent one of their most vicious high-powered attorneys in on the paper’s behalf after them.

Even the judge looked at the two squirming case workers and said: “UH OH!”
I think he knew in his chambers what my game plan was going to be when I first got the orders.

Ever tell a newspaper what they can/can’t do??? HOO BOY!

It was the turning-point of the entire case.
It couldn’t close fast enough for them after that.

My publisher didn’t have to do that for me.

She retired shortly after that, and I’m not sure if she ever heard the news.

I’ve really gotta send this card out.

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