Thanks Jann!

Whenever I become disgusted with the entire human race, ready to unplug my computer forever and throw it out a window (where, hopefully, it will squish a human or three, and maybe a stray cat)…

… someone special comes along to remind you that people *DO* care, is willing to make a difference in someone’s life, expecting nothing in return, and restores hope for humanity all over again.

That would be Jann of SweetAspirations.Com.

She’s always been somewhat of a guardian angel to my kids and me. A few years ago, when I needed to get the kids back home, she was one of many wonderful people to respond and help with donations and rescue them with the BrooksKidz Defense Fund.

… besides a generous donation to the Pennsylvania Music Foundation, she recently sent me an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday. How to draw comics the Marvel Way To which I got several family gifts: Books on drawing, including How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way…

… which everyone knows is the HOLY SCRIPTURES for aspiring comic book artists (Gawd, the memories seeing that book again brought back!):

Like my son, who at six, his teachers are amazed with his artistic ability. Or one of my daughters (whom the original BrooksKidz page was made to feature her bitmap artwork at five years old, and later the site was designed and maintained exclusively by all of them with no help FROM Daddy whatsoever).

I was holding off this post to put up scans of their artwork, or me sitting down with my son (every night after homework… he demands it, well, after Yu-Gi-Oh is over…) as we practice on Captain America or Spider-Man… just to SHOW how Jann’s gifts have helped spin-off a new generation of artists in the Tribe called Brooks. But this post couldn’t wait any longer.

A think everyone needs to know what a wonderful person Jann is…

… whether she likes it or not! :0)

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