That New House Feelin’

Whoo hoo!

Took the day off yesterday to sign paper work closing on my new home!

A smaller, more modest little spot I can call my own.. my first home, ever.

It isn’t a mansion, true, but I prefer older homes anyway. It’s a prairie style home with a long, concrete front porch. A large wooden swing ambles in the wind at the end of the porch on the left. There is brown tile in the entry way, hardwood floors in every room, spanish tile in the kitchen, a huge 2 car garage, a nice wooden deck, a white iron gate encircling the entire property for the safety and security of all and an enormous two story tree house in the back yard for the kids.

I couldn’t be happier. It would’ve gone smoother if the selling realtor hadn’t been a dick, but I refuse to let that get me down. Now to move!

O, goody!

I just thought I’d share the bit of happy news I have to spare. It’s part of my “eventual good news will not be left out” commitment.

Whoo hoo.. I’m a home owner!

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