The wild & wonderful world of Jack Chick

Don't fear the Reaper
I love Jack Chick, I really do. I find myself addicted to his tracts and his odd reasoning sometimes. He’s a great artist and he captures those unsaved people getting livid over hearing the name “Jesus Christ” like nobody else!

Basically there’s three ways to convert people to Christianity.

  • There’s the tried and true method of capturing and torturing them and their loved ones , until they accept Christ into their heathen lil’ hearts…(made popular during the Crusades and the inquisition)
  • There’s the rarely used tactic of actually practicing Christianity, loving your neighbor and showing acts of kindness to let them know that you are following Jesus’ principles…
  • Then there’s Jack Chick’s method. Put out a comic book that lets you know that a horrifying fate of eternal torment is waiting for you in Hell unless you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
  • Basically it boils down to this with the Chick method:
    If you’re a Catholic… you’re going to hell
    If you watch Harry Potter…. you’re going to hell
    If you read any other Bible besides the King James version… you’re going to hell
    If you’re a mormon, freemason, buddhist, muslim… well, three guesses where you’re going? (The first two guesses don’t count).

  • Here is a parody where Jack Chick dies and faces judgment, like so many of the other characters he’s written about. It’s freakin’ hilarious!
  • Here are the rest of Weird Dave’s Chick Parodies… (Warning: Excessive laughter may cause damage to your computer screen if the operator is foolishly drinking a beverage. Be smart, don’t drink and surf parody sites!)
  • Church of the Subgenius steps in with a parody of “Somebody loves me”, in which the abused boy accepts “Bob” as his Lord and Saviour just before dying…
  • 5 thoughts on “The wild & wonderful world of Jack Chick

    1. Dude! This is so true! Every religion has that same bottomline!! If you go with another religion you doomed to hell…if you marry outside of ya religion tis a sin…

      If you ask me…is all man made and not GOD MADE…alotta people blame god for all of this…but has anyone ever thought that it was MAN who said these things NOT GOD???

      What gets me is how MAN has a way of twisting the actual truth around in a way that make it looks as if GOD says these things and in the end have all these people pissed off and gainst GOD or fear GOD for something the MAN made up…

      Personallly I blame the MAN who twisted the truth around in a way that it has us all confuse and mixed up…

      But tis true what you say…if you ask me…no religion has a right to claim your soul or no religion or anyone for that matter has the right to predict where your soul where end up in the the afterlife

      But I like how some people do shine some light on the truth in a comedic way…makes you think…and laugh at the same time…great entry!

    2. Well, in early church history, they tortured and killed anyone for not believing what they do.

      Here’s the kicker… THERE IS NO HELL! It’s not even in the Bible. The old testament the translators that used “hell” was from the hebrew word “Sheol”, meaning “the grave”, and the new testament uses several Greek words for hell… only one, “Gehenna”, was a place of burning. It was a place outside of Jerusalem that was sort of a garbage dump, where they also reposited dead bodies to be burned.

      They used the Greek word “Hades” for the grave, and naturally, anyone familiar with Greek Mythology assumed there was an underworld waiting for the damned.

      There’s no hell in the Jewish religion, so why would it be in Christianity? It also contradicts “The Wages of sin is Death” if the wicked go on to live eternally, doesn’t it.

      Hell has been quite persuasive in keeping the population in line and from questioning the church.

      In the Middle Ages, people were going insane at the thought of their loved ones in hell so, POOF! They made Purgatory (nowhere in the bible). How convenient and thoughtful of the Pope.

    3. OUCH…sounds bit confusing…but from what I seen in my life…I think there is a hell somewhere and a devil…but those are just my personal believes and opinions…

      I just think alot of this stuff is twisted around by man and left us who wanna learn more and believe more confuse than ever…

      I was born into a certain religion which is christianity but I stop goin to church ages ago because some of the stuff they believe in I dont believe in and I have a feelin GOD did not have the same believs as them…I just think some people use the bible to get what they want…(aka MORE POWER) but tis just me who just thinks this…

      I try my best not to get into religious debates…is a sensitive area for me…*LOL*

      Dont mean to sound like some lil coward…

      Gotta get ready for work and is good to hear ya doin fine and i luv readin ya entries…they are good and some are funny..



    4. Well, Sweetie, you know me… I’m not looking to convert anyone to “Ericism”, or belittle anyone’s beliefs. I’m not as interested in WHAT someone believes as much as I’m interested in is HOW they came to what they believe. To me, life is about learning and growing as a person… and well ENJOYING it.

      I gave up on the Church scene years ago for the same reasons you did.

    5. Praise the Lawrd! Another Chickie!

      If you ever want to exchange extra tracts, Eric, drop me a line; I’ve got tons of the little buggers.

      By the way — Jack’s latest stuff (the last couple of month’s worth anyway) looks pretty suspicious to me. Do you think maybe he’s ascended to that Great White Judgement Throne and finally seen the face on the blank head that’s graced so many of his tracts? Alas if so, though Earth’s gain is Heaven’s loss.

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