The Blogger Crisis

Hope you’re happy, you freeloading bastards.

Jeez, I can’t believe so many people grumbling about being asked to help to contribute to what is the “Heart & Soul” of so many of their sites.

Well, this is the lamentation of many users who enjoy a “free” service, and then are suddenly asked to pay. Net @ddress did the smartest thing a few years back: They removed a ton of their features from their “free” version, and offered it in “premium membership”.

Faith made a great point: “The only “community” built by the Pyra folks is an elitist one that doesn’t embrace all the people who they now claim are overburdening their servers. Just look at the links lists of any Pyra person’s blog.”

Gee, Faith… if this remark doesn’t prove your point…. ;0)

My Proposed Solution:

Don’t use Blogger… I use a modified version of Matt Wright’s Guestbook CGI Script. It writes to a text file, which I call on it on my main page, and the monthly archive with Server Side Includes. Been doing it that way for almost three years. If I wanted to be extra fancy, I could create a .reg file with a shell command, so I can right-click and open my remote window.

Some of you are pretty smart… why don’t you abandon Blogger and get full control of your weblog. You will then stop clogging up their servers with interesting stuff, and allow those on the “A-list” to be able to blog about themselves more freely.

BLOGGER: Because the “A-List” hates you…)

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