The facts and myths of Satanism

Anton Zsandor LaVey (1930-1997)

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5 thoughts on “The facts and myths of Satanism

  1. Yup, yup, and yup…This is definitely something I l really like about you e! You acctually get your facts straight instead of just passing it off, like a lot of people tend to do…

    Satanists are really interesting…in fact, my best friend considers himself a Satanist to an extent….a lot of current teaching in some of the “traditions” of witchcraft (by traditions here I mean covens that offer training) lean on some of the Satanic teachings…

  2. Well, it’s not like LaVey invented the rituals, they were in the works of Crowley and other Pagan religions which he reportedly used Occam’s Razor to eliminate the less practical ones.

    His philosophy was nothing new. A lot of it was Nietzche and Ayn Rand, and I’m sure a lot of observation… but he provided a simple stepping stone for people to rewire their thinking.

    The greater/lesser magic stuff makes a lot of sense. I have this thing I call “Curse of the Warlock“, where if I’m worked up and angry enough at someone, something will happen to them in a hilariously ironic way. Can a person channel and harness enough biostatic and/or electromagentic (or even psychic) energy to cause an unexplainable change to their environment? Sure. That’s a Wiccan concept, Karma and the whole premise of Feung Shui.

  3. That does it. I’m gonna have to sic the freethinkers on you now. Unless, of course, you repent all your previous repenting and repeat the following prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and to change the things I cannot accept.”

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