The Freak SHOW Returns!

With the first Whuzzupdate! Newsletter being sent out the door 5 minutes ago… this site is now officially opened for business! (Anyone see the pretty new front page?)

One important announcement…

Once upon a time, you were able to email your post with HTML mail (this is very important to me…). I worked my little fingers to the bone today, making all the graphics, assembling the email for this monumentous occasion. (The last WHUZZUPDATE went out November 22, 2001 just to announce I lost my mind and set up a blog on Geocities.)

The crap kept coming back in testing as plain text.
Fuck. No more HTML Mail.

So I scrambled and found a mailer I can use on my site, modified it to output HTML mail… tested it for hours, mailed myself four dozen times, imported all 77 members of the mailing list.

Now it’s out.

Not to worry you can sign up here for next month’s edition. Like I said, there will be no email updates here. Just the monthly newsletter.

So what do I do about my Yahoo Groups page? Do I scrap it, or open it up to everyone to post, and we make it our little discussion hangout?

I’m going to bed now.
You people make a decision for once.

7 thoughts on “The Freak SHOW Returns!

  1. ok, it told me I was already signed up for it (which I should be) however I’ve recived nothing as of yet?
    should I have?
    or do I need more sleep?

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