The Justin Bieber of the ’70’s…

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Seeing a lot of Donny Osmond videos popping up on YouTube, and those comments lately. Jan looks like she’s ready to rape him.

Donny Osmond “Too Young”
Donny Osmond performs “Too Young” on Here’s Lucy. He sings it to Eve Plumb (from the Brady Bunch) until he sees Kim (Luci Arnez)and falls madly in love with an older woman.

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2 replies on “The Justin Bieber of the ’70’s…”

  1. Well, at least there’s a few things Bieber can look forward to as soon as his balls drop:

    A reality show that gets cancelled after two episodes.
    A gig hosting a remake of a Dick Clark game show.
    A radio show syndicated through Citadel Media (which one of the stations I work at carries, and I fucking HATE it).
    And a chance to voice himself in a Cartoon Network cartoon.
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