The Last Pope?

The Last Pope: Examining Nostradamus and Malachy (No. 288)

I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about old prophecies since Pope John Paul II’s death about him being the last Pope and Christianity fizzling out by the end of the 20th Century. Actually according to this book, and this conspiracy site, he is the next-to-last Pope. The link above interests me more, as Nostradamus predicts there would be five Popes after the controversial Pius XII. (JP2 was the fourth Pope after him)

Before I go on, if you don’t know how I feel about Nostradamus… let me explain:
If he gave me tomorrow’s lottery numbers, I wouldn’t bother playing them. However, his followers will see (after the fact) that he got two out of seven numbers correct, and will marvel at his eerie powers. 🙂 Yes, he’s right some of the time, but not all of the time. Usually, he’s so murky and ambiguous, his quatrains can be stretched to be interpreted into a lot of things.

I find Comedywriter’s Vestradamus far more entertaining.

Also, St. Malachy, in the 10th Century, wrote a list of all the future popes, with a description that more or less describes them (a bit of a stretch though). However, St. Malachy and Nostradamus both come to many of the same conclusions on this one.

It’s all long and drawn out, but here are the highlights:
– This upcoming Pope may be the last one, or the one who follows, known as “Peter the Roman” will be (I get the impression this “Peter of Rome” will be the one who destroys the Church and not a Pope).
– St. Malachy called John Paul II “De labore solis (From the Sun’s Labor)”. Note: JP2 was born during a solar eclipse.
– St. Malachi calls the Pope following JP2 as “De gloria olive (From the Glory of the Olive) ” believing him to have Jewish blood.
– Nostradamus predicts him to be “from the old French”, interpreted a Catholic of Jewish descent.
– He will be named Pius, and will flee the Vatican, stepping over the bodies of dead priests, go into hiding, and hunted down and cruelly killed.
– The Vatican will be destroyed.
– Estimated time of this will be around 2020 AD

Some people believe the Second Coming of Christ will happen, some simply believe Christianity will finally disintegrate… or this could all be horseshit like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

12 thoughts on “The Last Pope?

  1. My roomie keeps telling me that the next Pope is supposed to be the anti-Christ….

    although, in some ways, I suppose they all are….

  2. Hey, I already predicted the end of the world in 2020. I did that in a poem I wrote 30 years ago. Try to out-psychic me, eh? I’ll show those Malarkey and Nostradumbass guys. I predict that Malachy will never be listed in IMDB as a writer, and even though Nostradamus will, he’ll never get paid. Ha! I also predict the pope will be Catholic! Fear my spooky phony psychic powers!

  3. I also predict the pope will be Catholic!

    HAH! I will out-prophesy thee one better!
    Just as I predicted the elected president will be a rich, white, middle-aged male from the Skull & Bones Society….
    I predict the new Pope will be elderly and a male!!!! SO THERE!

  4. A piece of trivia regarding the current papabili and Malachy’s ‘Gloria Olivae’: Rather recently, a very large bet was placed on Cardinal Lustiger, former Archbishop of Paris, as being the next Pope. (He’d dropped out the picture for quite a while, after having been considered a papabile several years ago.) Lustiger is, of course, the only Cardinal who is a converted Jew and, so his bio claims, is also a survivor of one of the Third Reich’s most infamous concentration camps.

    In any event, it should be interesting to see whether one of the current front-runners (which Lustiger is not) wins the election, or if a more obscure “compromise” Pope sashays out onto the balcony in a puff of white smoke like Karol Wojtyla did.

    As a personal sidenote, some “prophets,” to my way of seeing it, do seem eerily correct sometimes when it comes to minor side dishes, even though they miss the big picture that they think is the real meat of their “visions.” Not too different than the occasionally uncanny, but otherwise skewed, “prophetic” insights of certain sci-fi writers such as Jules Verne or H.G. Wells. Oddly though, religious “prophets,” even more than their followers, seem to have a special knack for misinterpreting and misrepresenting the “cosmic bottomline” of their own “inspired” daydreams.

  5. "Oddly though, religious "prophets," even more than their followers, seem to have a special knack for misinterpreting and misrepresenting the "cosmic bottomline" of their own "inspired" daydreams. "

    Yeah… see, I’m not putting too much stock in the “Olive” part being interpreted as being Jewish. Pope John Paul I was believed that he was going to convert the Muslim’s because of Malachy’s reference to him and the “Half Moon”. In reality, he died a month after becoming Pope (halfway through a moon cycle).


  6. "I bet the satanists are eating this stuff up!!!"

    I’m sure any non-Christian is looking at that “antichist site”, and seeing it as some sick kind of Freudian projection… it wasn’t Protestants being tortured in the most brutal ways… it was all pagans or anyone accused of being a heretic with little or no evidence. Protestants have proven no better in the “kill the infidels” department themselves.

  7. Hello newpope (prophecy saying Glory of Olives) and generally considered to be one of the Benedictine order. Hm. What is Ratzinger’s conenction to glorf of olives? Since no Cardinals were of the benedictine order officially, does it count if this one calls himself Benedict? Does it fit the prophecy now?
    Now we wait for his death and then we get the “second one to be named Peter”. Times ticking on the end of the world. Get your affairs in order.

  8. I guess Vatican is quite aware of the prophecies but gives all sorts of reasons for the Pope taking up the name Benedict – all except the prophecies. The mainstream media too never mentions the prophecies for once. If Vatican accepts St. Malachi’s prophecies, I think they are also aware that according to those prophecies, the end days are near. Pope John Paul II was called “De Labore Solis” – The Labor of the Sun or the Eclipse of the sun. So far it was said that he was born during a solar eclipse – hence the name. But now, he was buried on the day of a solar eclipse too. There were 3 possible days on which he could have been buried – 4 to 6 days after his death. He was buried on the 5th Day on which a solar eclipse took place in USA and South AMerica. Vatican must have been aware. So what is coming? There are other prophecies which seem to mention the current Pope. One is of Abbott Meriln Joachim. He speaks of a great Pope with name “R” being elected. The prophecy is too big to be posted here. You can read it in the site . But it also says that a great war would take place during his reign after which he would help in unifying the Church and recovering Jerusalem for Christianity. This could be another reason for Malachy naming him “Glory of the Olive”. The end of the world may not be here yet. The beginning of the great Third World War may be near.

  9. How about…Ratzinger knew the prophecy about the last pope being the big peacemaking unifyer so he told all the cardinals ahead of time that he was going to call himself Benedict so that he would fit the prophecy. Don’t laugh, one cardina had himself rowed up and down the po during a aonclave with sheep in the boat so that he would fit a prophecy. The Story is in the book “Curious Facts about the Vatican” which might still be available at Barnes and Nobel.

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