The people have spoken are schmucks

Well, more or less… the Associated Press has projected Ed Rendell the new Governor of Pennsylfuckingtucky.

I wonder how much hate mail I’ll get if I keep referring to him as “That big goofy Jew in Harrisburg”? :0)

Truth be told, if it were anyone else besides Mike Fisher running against him, I would have voted for him too. This State, in my opinion, is TOO fucking Republican… a scary kind of totalitarian Republican…

…and this comes from a lifelong Republican.
Hell, the Taliban wouldn’t even move here.

We still love ya, Mike!It does my heart good to know that Mike Fisher kicked some serious ass here in my neck of the woods…

Kelly Lewis remains as my State Rep, as his write-in challenger didn’t even register a blip on the screen. His performance during the 9/11 crisis was exemplary. He personally went to the homes of families that had people reported missing, went food shopping for them… and did all he can humanly do for them. He’s a good man, and the only incumbent I allowed to stay in office.

Yeah… like I had such a choice. I ended up going to two voting joints as I was told “Yes you’re in the right county and the right township… but the place you have to be is in “x-voting-place” of the township”.

Only to have four things to vote on… sheesh. What, do they save all the big stuff for the Presidential elections?

I’ll probably grow to like Rendell. He’s known to fight dirty, be rude, and say what’s on his mind… no matter how moronic. I read one dirty trick he did, where it showed his smug face, laughing as though he got over once again….

I paused for a moment, and thought… “Daddy?” :0)

Mike Fisher is a hell of a crime fighter, and if he stays where he is for a little while longer… maybe it’s a good thing. Good race, Mike!

2 thoughts on “The people have spoken are schmucks

  1. I have no money to replace your laptop, sis…
    I’m sorry.
    So now we have a Democrat for Governor…. man, there’s gonna be a lot of changes now. Are you happy to be rid of Governor SCHWANKER? I know I am.
    His little stunt of letting the Pocono Raceway not have to pay entertainment tax anymore has completely fucked that area, which relies on it for 48% of their annual revenue, and now they have to make up for it in property taxes…

    Glad I don’t live in Blakeslee anymore.
    And former Governor Tom Ridge?
    (PS: I moved to Canada last night. So long suckers!)

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