The road to hell…

I’ve taken down Debbie & Kaycee’s banners and links.

I still want to believe…
I still want to believe the message I got from Living Colours.
I still want to believe in the strength of the human spirit.
I still want to believe that I can go to bat for what I believe is right…..

Go ahead. Let me have it. I’m a big boy.

3 thoughts on “The road to hell…

  1. Your intentions were good and your feelings were real.
    That’s all that counts. If nothing else, a lot of individual feelings were brought up and discussed….and felt.

  2. Hi Eric! You did your best to defend them… just think if they had been real! A lot of us were taken in.

    I wish she had put all that energy into writing a novel or something.

    You’re a good person and you tried to do the right thing, and that counts for a lot!

  3. Thanks guys… I really appreciate it. It shows we have hearts and care about people we barely know.

    From what I’m hearing from inside investigations, the story is getting more interesting by the minute. It may be more fascinating than all our blogs, journals & update pages put together…

    Can’t say anything publically until the stories are checked out.

    I’d still do it all over again with no regrets.

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