The SHOW has been cancelled

When a person starts deleting comments and sites in an effort to cover their tracks, and refers to friends of mine as crazy people… it’s time to bring the curtain down.

Lisa Unmasked…. on the next: A N A R C H T I C A!

*****ADDENDUM ********
Actually, upon further conferencing with said accused “Crazy Woman”, I have decided that I will resume discussing this (and all the evidence) to people privately. This is an Attention Trollβ„’ with serious psychiatric problems, and we’ve decided not to share the monstrous amounts of hits we’re all enjoying since the Chris Powers scandal broke out.

Feel free to email me with what I’ve got.
Don’t know my email? Then I probably don’t know you….

Life’s a bitch, Candi.

And even though I’m a dood (with a rather impressive dongle)… so am I. πŸ˜€

17 thoughts on “The SHOW has been cancelled

  1. Attention trolls creep me out.
    And speaking of the look around here – isnt it time we had some demons wearing santa hats? At least string some lights over the crucified skeleton or something. Come on, think *seasonal* death and destruction!

  2. Yes, I’m with Batty, you need a Satan Claus or something to create the right christmas spirit around here.

    All the other stuff I know nothing about.

  3. Lisa. Purple Stars Lisa… we know who Lisa *really* is.
    She’s being cornered right now on her own turf by a bunch of crazy hot tub whores, and she can’t seem to keep up with all of the comments being deleted.

    An email is going out with plenty of evidence.
    Believe me this has been investigated by several of the best internet sleuths there is.

  4. I am re-doing the look of the site. But it’s simply going to be “the winter edition”. Though I don’t see the point of a Christmas look for just two weeks. Besides, this will all be a part of internet history in Mid February.

    It was already suggested I get more festive by a certain someone earlier this week, and she’s helping me with the facelift…. only she doesn’t know it yet. :0)

  5. She forgot I’ve been around the block a few times and can change IPs quicker than most people can change the channel. She should at least make it *somewhat* of a challenge for me. I bore easily. πŸ˜‰

  6. Robyn. I’m a total dumbass!
    I can’t believe I forgot to mention in the email the fact that she posted a comment at Purple Stars as Lisa, but signed it as Candi… then deleted it after a bunch of us caught it…

    Damn, what a time to forget to take a screenshot! :0) LOL!

  7. Holy cow. I feel like I’ve stepped back into Junior High School…. complete with a blog that links someone else’s blog with the words “crazy woman”. haha. That’s priceless. The FBI is going to take that really seriously, I’ll bet.

    And what is it with people bandying about the word “stalker” with such loose meaning.
    I just wonder when people use this word… Have they ever had to live with seeing someone EVERYWHERE they went. Have they ever walked out of their workplace every day to see the person staring at them? Have they ever looked out the window of their apartment to see the person there? Have they ever returned home at night to find the door to their apartment had been forced open, and one of their neighbors describing this same person as having claimed that they lived in their apartment? Have they ever then found that nothing of monetary value had been stolen, but some very personal sentimental items were gone?

    Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked there.

    How ridiculous.
    It’s well known if you *are* being stalked that the best thing you can do is not give any public acknowledgement of it.
    I think some people want to be stalked.
    I don’t know if this person Candi, or lisa or whoever the person is., if that’s the case… But one has to wonder.

    I dont’ believe in hiding behind a false identity on the internet. WHat for?
    But then, I provide photos of me.
    I stand behind what I say.
    On the other hand, I don’t stick around in the sandbox.

    My take… Yeah, E is right about not giving someone noteriety for nutsy behaviour. Just step out of the sandbox and leave them to it.

  8. “And what is it with people bandying about the word “stalker” with such loose meaning.”

    Oh, please… I think the word “stalking” is just the new catchphrase.

    I think in the case of a guy that shows up when you post “were going to [insert place here] tonight” it’s justified (or one hell of a coincidence). But when it comes to someone posting unwanted comments, or checking up to see what shit is being said about them next is just plain silly. Stalking involves a rather unhealthy amount of interest in someone.

    And on that note… no one stalks me.
    Am I not interesting enough to stalk???

  9. You and Robyn should seriously look at becoming detectives πŸ˜‰ You guys rock…but seriously, she’s an idiot. Like CP she has deleted her stuff, if you’re not guilty why take your blog down? …people really get on my nerves.

  10. Cool Robyn!! Then you can do the Christmas stalking (stocking??) this year!! ;o) heheeee

    E……… Where are you?? I’ll find you…… ;o)

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