The truth about boys, Uhm, I mean MEN…

I posted this really frisky dream I had last night in someone’s comments section. Of course, not here… you’d have to know where to look.

Not that you *care*… I’m just saying. :0)

I would also like to add to the ongoing discussion, and confirm Miss Smarty pants’ allegation that men “stalk” too…

We sure do BAY-BEE!

  • I can’t tell you how many times my “Little Black Book” had numbers from girls whom I overheard giving it out to someone else, then I had to come up with some clever answer when they asked how I got their number…
  • Or how many times I’d take an alternate route home from school, for the sole purpose of following a girl (that usually didn’t even know I was alive) home…
  • Or my explaining to my boss that I was an hour and a half late because of “train problems” (which the “problem” entailed me getting off at a different stop, because that’s where a real cutie went..)
  • See? Sure us guys are generally dumb as posts… but we have our tactics too. :0)

    (*My apologies to any males who feel this is, in any way of a “betrayal”, giving out some of our tricks… but “wimmenkind” think we’re “totally dense” and, I’m trying to correct that*)

    In this day and age, maybe “stalking” probably isn’t the best word to use. But there is a *fundamental difference* between a guy following you around, trying to summon up the courage to ask you out… or an emotionally disturbed individual who wants to put your head in a jar of formaldehyde, okay? A *BIG* difference. :0)

    And if Ruth (from the third grade, whom I gave a black eye once) is reading this: I’m sorry…I *really* didn’t mean to hit you that hard, and *YOU’RE* the reason I am obsessed with redheads, baby! YOW!!!! :0)

    Of course, you’re, like, really friggin’ *old* now… EEP!

    An open apology to my “friends” is coming up… I didn’t mean for this to run so long…

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