The Ultimate Super Model

Problem Adults Well, unless you have been living under a rock since May, you know that Problem Adults  is the place to be! Anyone who’s ANYONE is there (or been kicked out for one reason or another… we’re kinda picky and sorta snobby, you know.).

I said I wanted to bring back the Z-List, and I like to think I did, only bigger and badder. This time catering to more than just bloggers, we got designers, webhosts, 3d artists, famous rockstars, movie stars and more!

Plus a state-of-the-art arcade and chat rooms!

The Mighty ~T~ has been keeping everything running, the lovely and talented Raven and myself working on the “HOLI-DAZE” Christmas layout, Kate the Head Elf taking requests for letters from the North Pole, and well, MissD making the chat rooms sizzle, and Jeanna is just plain HOT!

We’re more than just a message board… we one big dysfunctional cyber-family!

So, speaking of the “HOLI-DAZE” layout, it needed some extra OOMPH. So I recruited my lovely cyber-sidekick and this site’s spokesmodel, Randi into the mix. Who else can ring in our grand Holiday celebration, besides the ULTIMATE Super Model? 😀

Randi Xxxmas

Gawd damn… is she HOT or what???

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Super Model

  1. Guess I’m not ‘anyone’ as I don’t go to the ‘Problem Adults’ place you speak of – sounds like you enjoy it, good! I find email and blogging and blog visiting are all I can handle web-wise —not enough time to sit at the computer to add anything else,.

    Anyway… enjoy yourself., and see you around!

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