The weather outside is frightful…

…. but we had a nice cozy fire going in the fireplace all day, so we really didn’t give a damn. :0)

Of course, even Anarchtica had a Norman Rockwell-esque setting to it, as a snowstorm closed all the schools down on Wednesday. If I recall, someone was wishing for a “White Thanksgiving”, so for those who didn’t, I offer you this… and sincerely hope none of you are taking it as rubbing it in (though it’s SO obvious I am).

Turkey with the Demon ’02” was a smashing success due to the Mrs’ culinary skills and all our wonderful guests: Which included entertainer Johnny Kai (who was thrilled to hear the news from another fellow Hawaiian that the waves in his home island of Oahu is enjoying 8-12 foot waves); our friend, Jeff dropped in with his mom and sister… and a bunch of neighbors stopped by for coffee & dessert…

… and of *COURSE* there was TWO pecan pies among all the other cakes!

7 thoughts on “The weather outside is frightful…

  1. I have to drive up to Stroudsburg next weekend. Please warn me in advance of any snowstorms coming so we can make an excuse to Justin’s mother why – again – we can’t come up.

  2. Sorry Michele…
    It’s gonna be beautiful in Stroudsburg next weekend… of course we’re expecting snow that Monday. Unless you have some weather-controlling Indian Shaman on staff at Raising Hell… or you can stall Justin’s mother. :0)

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