“Jesus Christ I gotta clean the loft today. What a mess!” OY!

  • My ash tray runneth over. I smoke WAY too damn much.
  • And cleaning comment spam out of here has become a full time job. (What’s up with the new shit that reads like gibberish?).
  • ~T~ is moving us all on a new server so I’ve been tidying up and backing up all my MySQL data.
  • Don’t you wish you were me?
    Sorry. The position of annoying & sarcastic pain in the ass on the web has already been taken! 😛

    But man, speaking of WebGods… are my eyes decieving me? Did I just get a visit by the one and only Mz. Kitty?

    I mean, damn… this woman is an internet legend! I remember a time where you couldn’t visit a blog or website that didn’t have her graphics on it! Well, of course I’m still here darling… with all these “Eric Brookses” out there clamoring for this domain name, I ain’t letting it go! 😀

    I love when I get emails from some guy named “Eric Brooks”… they’re always amazed to find someone with the same name as them (look in the white pages, genius!). Wonder if all the guys named “Danny Gonzalez” go through this… I had three friends with that name growing up.

    Is it me or do all guys named Eric Brooks think they’re the center of the universe? If I irritate you people even HALF as much as these guys do to me… I am SOOOO SORRY!

    See a therapist! Maybe we can all get a group discount or something.

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