The Winter Edition

Yes… the wolf comes with a “Santa Cap”. I just wanted everyone to see the “new look” as it will stay through the winter. I’ll change that tonight, as well as a few more tweaks.

Say “hi” to “Cerberus” up there… he’ll be filling in as my new mascot as “The CyberPal” is on vacation.

You like? It’s the “Winter Peace” design FROM those sexy Glen Road Girls. Designed by none other than The Queen of Weblogs herself.

Didn’t I *SAY* some people were helping me redesign, whether they knew it or not?
…and, don’t I deserve the *BEST*, LeFou? :0)

More great blog templates at: Glen Road Girls: Blog Designs. Go treat yourself to a new look this Christmas. You were good all year. You earned it. :0)

16 thoughts on “The Winter Edition

  1. Ya know, I was just popping in here to bitch at you about the fact that I can never find my way around your site or find your category lists and here you’ve fixed it up all pretty. Huh. You must have been getting some sort of advanced psychic vibration warning you of my impending wrath. Sure, that must be it. *giggle*

  2. Yes. Cerberus and I fear the wrath of Skarlet! ;0)

    Well, truth be told, I just wasn’t keen on keeping archives & categories readily available for the general public… I was debating on it with this one too.

    But I think I’ve been pretty good and not talking about things I shouldn’t be… so why the heck not? :0)

  3. Aw… well credit goes to Deb. It’s about 97% of her hard work in there, I just gave it my own twist.

    Speaking of that I have an email from her at 8PM yesterday (bear in mind the new look went live at 2AM, and this email was sitting here waiting for me at work this morning), with a Penquin in the ice as a suggestion. (“ok. so, it’s a play on your theme. but haven’t you ever thought hell might be ice instead of fire?”)

    1. NOBODY knew what I was doing here.
    2. I mentioned a few weeks ago I may use a Glen Road Girls design for Christmas… but logic would suggest a pig like me would go for a “pin up girl/Christmas” design.
    3. Sure a name like “Anarchtica” can make you think of this stuff… but on the same day I was working feverishly with a new TOP SECRET redesign? What are the odds?
    4. haven’t you ever thought hell might be ice instead of fire?
    *THAT’S* the kicker… nobody knew the new theme was “Colder than Hell”??!!

    It just boggles my mind at how Deb and I are on the same wavelength so many times. *shakes head in bewilderment*

    I’ll be using the penguins for the comments…

  4. Very nice stuff. I haven’t used a new template since I started blogging (I wonder how many new templates have been added for “blogger” powered blogs).

  5. So you’re saying you’re going to get rid of the crucified skeleton and put up a crucified penguin????
    Oh but I do like the place. Seems wrong not to have a santa hat on something though…

  6. love the new look guy, and sorry took me so long to get here to see it!
    well thats not true really *g* I was on a vacation i wouldnt have missed for the world *S*
    but the site does look great!

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