There is no 9/11 conspiracy, you morons!

Rather than me coming up with something wild and far-fetched (Like how assholes in New York can *honestly* believe I’m divorced and no longer seeing or supporting my children… you know the ones I stayed home from work and picked up from school today?), I bring you another nutty conspiracy theory skillfully debunked by the man I want to be when he grows up: MADDOX….

You see… as long as the Democrats allow lunatics to continue spouting stuff like this, and not disavow them… they will continue to lose and wonder why people use the term “The Looney Left”. With the mid-term elections coming up, and no doubt Terrorism will be the number one topic and ace in the hole for Fox “News” types, we can’t afford to lose this one.

These nutjobs and conspiracy theorists do NOT speak for me. Go take your “Illuminati” fairy tales someplace else.

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