Things to do today:

1) Brood.
2) Plot the death and destruction of thousands (or at least fantasize about it.).
3) Answer at least one email. Possibly using the tried and true eenie meenie minie moe method.
4) Brood some more.
5) Go over President Bush’s proposal of “The United Planet of America”.
6) Wish Tina a happy birthday. (Nico spilled the beans…)
7) Make up some more stories about my days as a CIA assasin for the paperboy (it keeps him from hitting on my daughter.)
8) Order 20 pizzas and have them delivered to a cave in Afghanistan. (*snicker* Osama HATES when I do that shit to him! Especially with anchovies… hee hee!)
9) World Peace Yeah right!
10) Decide what to do with the time machine I’m building in my basement. (In case Tyson won Saturday, I was bringing Muhammad Ali back from the 70’s.)
11) Stop making up stories Take a shower and try to sleep tonight. brood some more.

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