This is how you will vote (or else)

*Checks cupboard*
Dammit to hell… I’M FRESH OUT OF ENEMIES!!!!
I hate when that happens. Maybe I’ll run over to Kat’s or Michele’s and ask to borrow a cup of thiers.

*// UPDATE: The world has gone NUTS!!!! This post was partially drafted before the Bloggies fell apart (again. for the third time in three years.). //*

In the immortal words of Denzel Washington: “Ok, EXPLAIN this to me like I’m a four year old…

From where I stand… I see a lot of sour grapes. And misconception as to the point of the Bloggies.

When, exactly, did the Bloggies become…. serious?

Last I checked, people who get the most votes/nomination winning is tantamount to a “popularity contest”. What part of that *DIDN’T* you people get? When your friends win… you should be happy for them. Right? Not make them feel like shit for getting a little recognition and put them in the line of fire of trolls.

Dawn is screaming because only two of her picks made it, and (in her opinion) there were other blogs more deserving of recognition. Simon is screaming the same thing. A judge confesses the voting was rigged. Another judge tries to explain this. One guy is gonna *snicker* protest.

Nomination Process: any of these names on those lists look familiar? We rallied good and hard to get those names up there. All of us. Used several email addresses too. Padded the votes… so? This comes as a monumental surprise??? Everybody else was doing it too. SHOW me one person that didn’t. Don’t kid yourself.

Judging Process: So judges voted for the sites they knew & liked.
Don’t you think if Nikolai picked me as one of the 50 judges, my friends were gonna be all over the place???? I am ALL ABOUT NEPOTISM BABY!!! I take care of my own.

Turns out a lot of my friends and/or sites I like made the final cut anyway. What can I say, I have impeccable taste.

Bottom line? It’s ONLY the fucking Bloggies people!!!! It was never meant to be taken seriously. A GROUP of people are in the spotlight… they get mega hits, enjoy thier time in the sun, and Crazy Tracy (hopefully) will get a rubber chicken FROM Faith.

In the immortal words of Jessica (the Überbitch): “I’m sorry some of you are bitter. If you can get over your bitterness you might discover some really cool sites that might be new to you in the finalists.”

Fuck it!!!! I’m gonna have a good time anyway.
I’m off to vote.

Michele… you are up there because a lot of people voted for you. You are a political blog, but I love your satire, your sense of humor, and your boobs awesome writing. I say this with all of the love in my heart: FUCK YOU, I’M VOTING FOR YOU ANYWAY! You’re a winner no matter what.

The Pity Party Pooper!Speaking of bitter: Mr. Bennett, consider me your pig-fucking WIZARD OF OZ. The source of your bitterness and overall asstrollishness stems FROM the lack of recognition you feel you rightfully deserve…

Here you go. Your very own award:

Now, let’s everybody point and laugh at him…

*Off ya go. Back to being a nobody again.*


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