To the artist formerly known as Judge Wussy…

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Yo man, WTF is this????? Flogging a dead horse???? Dubious reasons????

You’re commenting on the 17th about something I wrote on the 14th about what happened on the 9th????

Isn’t this kinda like the pot that accused the kettle of living in a glass house with a slingshot???

Has it ever occurred occured to you that news travels in my corner of cyberspace a little slower? Maybe I’m busy maintaining a string of sites in the Poconos??? Maybe I wanted to get all the facts (originally via heresay…I admit it) before I opened my yap?????

At least everything I
said is still up
… and where, oh where has Kill Your Blog gone???

Blog Nicely Judge Wuss… you never know when I may be reading.


Leader Diva has spoken to me. She disagrees, but respects my opinion on this… She felt it’s a matter for the individual, offending Divas to work out and settle….you know what?
I respect that. I also understand it’s been worked out… I really respect that (and want to adamantly stress that none of us so-called “anti-diva-movementers”[via judge wuss] had anything to do with it. ALSO: I am not now, nor have I ever been anti-diva… just voiced an opinion that’s all.). I was upset that they were quiet and since then Netscape Diva, Random Diva, Bleu Diva, (Jeezus, this is starting to sound like the Spice Girls!), and many more have all spoken up and voiced their thoughts… and I really really respect that!

To make it worse, Kitty Diva wished me a happy father’s day, Loudmouth Diva actually said something nice (I think?)…and they’re all being nice to me…STOP THAT!!! …why can’t you all be miserable unforgiving evil people like me????? Like I don’t feel bad enough coming down on you all like that???? STOP THAT!!!

Obligatory Haiku (Every blog has to have one, I suppose)

Stupid ass haiku
I hate making a haiku
haikus are so dumb

And all this time I thought Uncle Joe hated me (::Sniff::)
Zoinks!!!!! I’ve been assimilated!
Yes… Fear Me!!! (well maybe not you… you can easily kick my ass!)

Yana and Jujubeans DivaCOME BACK!!!!
There… I blogged tonite. Happy, Jon ??!!?!!?

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