14 thoughts on “Too f-f-f-f-*&#$ing cold!

  1. southern california would be a happy medium then. it gets hot like once a year, never really cold, and where i live, it’s just lots of fog (go inland another mile and it’s gone though).

    it never ceases to amaze me how people live in inhospitible climates like that.

  2. I was just in Mexico a couple of weeks ago. When I left Pennsylvania, it was in the 70s & still kind of like summer. I went to tropical Mexico… then when I came back this cold weather had moved in.
    At first I was not adjusting well to the drastic change from tropical to this…
    But now.. I kind of like it.

    And yeah, I don’t smoke inside, I only smoke out on my porch. And I have a missing window on the porch as well.
    But winter does have it’s charms.

    It’s not inhospitable to those of us who are tough enough to take it. haha. 😉
    The dense population in southern California seems inhospitable to me.

  3. I hate being cold, too. comes from almost losing my toes as a child, and trying to solve the problem by sticking frozen feet under hot water…*shudder* bad, bad idea….but funny, now.

  4. I hear ‘ya Maria. That’s the way it is over here. You know what bugs me the most? The stupid shopping centers. Even though it is hot as can be they have all these cute turtle necks and sweaters out. As if! Who’s gonna wear any of that??? I don’t know why they bother…pretending we have more than two seasons, hot and hotter. *pffft*

  5. I can live ideally in 70-80° weather all year round…

    But well hah upon you all! I was sent home sick, I actually left at 11am and slept all day while you people were forced to work…HAH!!!

    I’m sick, and everyone knew it but me. How typical… :0)

    P.S. Damn, Liz!!!!

  6. e, it wasn’t that bad. LOL I basically ended up jumping up and down, trying to scratch my feet off. my mom asked me what was the matter, and when I told her, she laughed, and said “won’t do that again, will you?” *chuckle* the practicalities of mother hood. again…sucked at the time, halarious now.

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