Top Headlines for February 25, 2019

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Headline News from the Associated Press
  • UK Leader May Under Mounting Pressure to Delay Brexit

    British Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure to delay the country’s departure from the European Union, after she postponed a vote in Parliament on her Brexit deal with the bloc.
  • Russia: US Asks for Advice on North Korea Talks

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the United States has asked Moscow’s advice in dealing with North Korea before a summit between President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader.
  • As Nigeria Counts Votes, Observers Criticize Delays in Poll

    Nigeria is counting votes in its presidential election and observers are giving mixed assessments of the process.
  • US-China Battle Over Huawei Comes to Head at Tech Show

    Chinese tech company Huawei takes center stage Monday at the world’s biggest mobile industry trade fair, as it wages a geopolitical battle with the U.S. government over its role in next-generation telecom networks.
  • Backstage at the Oscars: Sing-a-Longs and Champagne for Gaga

    Right off-stage from where the Oscars are handed out, there’s a whole mini-show happening in the wings with a cast of busy production people, anxious stars and dazed winners circulating in and out of the tight space. The Associated Press got a front seat to the action, where 'Aquaman' star Jason Momoa could be seen giving a bear hug to 'Free Solo' director Jimmy Chin, Lady Gaga asked, 'Did I nail it?' after her show-stopping 'Shallow' performance and 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' producer Amy Pascal looked at her Oscar and proclaimed, 'It’s so cute!'
  • Pakistan’s Court Dismisses Ex-PM Sharif’s Appeal, Bail Plea

    A Pakistani appeals court has rejected former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s appeal over a seven-year prison sentence for corruption and refused to grant him release on medical grounds.
  • Iraq’s President in Paris; Will Discuss French IS Detainees

    Iraqi President Barham Saleh is starting a two-day visit to France with a focus on the country’s security and the fight against the Islamic State group in the region.
  • AP Explains: What to Watch as Nigeria Awaits Vote Results

    Official results of Nigeria’s presidential election are expected as early as Monday in what is called a close race between President Muhammadu Buhari and a former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, both from the largely Muslim north. At stake is Africa’s largest economy and largest democracy, that is experiencing a demographic boom that could make Nigeria the world’s third most populous country by 2050.
  • Tokyo and Japan Offer Tradition, Expectation to Olympic Golf

    Golf returned to the Olympics three years ago in Rio de Janeiro after a 112-year absence. But few play golf in Brazil, which kicked up problems from the start when a top-notch course had to be built amid protests from environmentalists and ensuing court cases and charges of corruption.
  • UN Chief: Human Rights Are Losing Ground in the World

    U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is denouncing a 'groundswell of xenophobia, racism and intolerance' and says human rights are losing ground in the world.

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