Some things I have learned in my time on Twitter that are very effective in building a following and becoming an influencer…

  • Rule of 3: When you’re mentioned, a person clicks your name, and sees your last 3 tweets. Make at least one of them interesting.
  • Are you following a lot of people? Make a list of the people you are REALLY close to here, & tune the rest of the noise out.
  • Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj can skip this one: Unless you are a major, well-known celebrity, there is no excuse for not following people back. I use Tweepi to keep track of who is following, and reciprocate. Unless you are incredibly engaging, and liked, people WILL drop you if you aren’t returning the favor. It causes hard feelings. Who are you trying to impress anyway?
  • A well-placed hashtag will pick up the attention of targeted followers and newsbots. I have found #TeamFollowBack to be very effective for new followers, and #photoshop, and #jquery lands me in auto generated e-zines all the time. Some unique hashtag like #TeamEric… well, not so much. 😀
  • You guys, trying to look like “influencers” by unfollowing half your friends… well, look like a douche to everyone. KNOCK IT OFF.

More as I think of them…

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