Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • Where is everyone? She’s on the air now. #
  • Nay Nay has announced the winners and an honorable mention in her T-Shirt blog… come on back! #
  • While I am answering my blog and pimping you all out… here is the NEXT fun thing to do… #
  • – In honor of EvilMonday, we have a surprise for the studio audience today… look under your seats… IT’S A BOMB! #
  • – See you there… show starts in 10 minutes! #
  • #
  • HAHAHA!!! Funny stuff… go check it out! #
  • HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! 😀 #
  • Oh you KNOW this has happened to you at least once, admit it! LOL! #
  • He’s back… if you don’t like him, just please skip this one without commentary ok? I have had it with the bickering a… #
  • Blonde woman? Arousal pills? Yeah it’s worth a read, fellas… #
  • Sweet Nina on BTR in 10 minutes… see you there! #
  • – Great news kids! Save up your milk money because Nina is going to have a telethon and we are gonna BUY MEXICO! #
  • OMG! We have a racial problem on MySpace… why didn’t anyone tell me? I am OFFENDED (now). #
  • – I need some inspiration… plus, get my falsetto voice back in shape for an upcoming song… #
  • – Not only is it a funny blog, but I’m an idiot and keeps forgetting to add it to the list… #
  • – Yes!!! We’re doing it… we are all chipping in to buy MEXICO!!! #
  • Check it out! #
  • After Sweet Nina’s show (an hour from now), tune in for… #
  • It on right now come join us #
  • Not sure what the story is here… but the sentiments of his blog go for me as well, ok? (Except the FCC part. They lov… #
  • – THANK YOU ALL FOR AN AWESOME WEEK! You guys brought the FUN back to MySpace! Come on back and check out all these fun… #

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