Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • – This week’s blog challenge, brought to you by SikoKitty. #
  • – In Hulia’s honor, I have put ex-lax in your coffee filters this morning. HAPPY EVIL MONDAY! #
  • Niiiiiiice….. #
  • Time for a new edition of… #
  • – From the twisted mind that brought you the NAA, and Evil Monday… oh and Mike NAA is my heckling target today! WHEEE… #
  • – I got the goods on you Mike NAA!!! Nyah Nyah!!! Luv, your personal obsessed Troll… #
  • just got word that Mike NAA sprained his wrist in an accident… there goes his love life! #
  • WHAT is THIS???? Whatever Mike is about to tell you in this blog, it’s not true!!! #
  • heard that Mike NAA was so CHEAP that he once took a blind date to a drive-in movie called “CLOSED FOR WINTER” #
  • Now THIS cracked me up. HAHAHA! #
  • – ‘EMO Wednesday’???? There is a reason I don’t hang out at Facebook all that much you know… #
  • Any one up for an ART CONTEST? #
  • is listening to some old skewl jams tonite… #
  • – An Anti-Joiner Movement on MySpace? I’m IN!!!! #
  • – So you want to know the secret to giving a blog 2 kudos? See my latest tutorial. #
  • It’s a party for Heavy Metal Lust Queen! Bring presents!!! #
  • – You are either WITH US, or you are a “joiner”. #
  • Oh lordy! Joe Blogs’ better half is here and told the most romantic story ever! She’s kinda cute, too! (too bad I’m e-g… #
  • – COME ON! I solved this problem over a year ago, and some of you are STILL stretched out wider than GOATSE! What’s the… #
  • – Suzz has a new game ready. SIGN UP NOW. #
  • – I find her videos very educational. Looking at the origins of words and phrases. #
  • – Another very educational video about words. This one is about ‘euphemisms’. Learning is FUN! #
  • HAAAAAA! This is HYSTERICAL! (via JohnnyK) #
  • Wow… I liked this blog almost as much as the ORIGINAL they STOLE it from!!! PLAGIARIZED! -> #
  • What a cute idea… Check This Out! Baby pictures of our friends. Send Shelly yours and she will add it to her blog! #
  • – Guess who I found on YouTube? #
  • MySpace is officially property of Dirty Sally and Eric Brooks. DEAL WITH IT!!!! #
  • Anyone remember that time when Gary Coleman was missing for a week, and his picture was on cartons of half-n-half everywhere? #
  • OH NOES! The soap opera continues! #
  • – Just a reminder , you have 5 more days! #
  • HAHA! Great stuff! #
  • Since everyone is screaming for a link. Showtime is in 37 minutes. #
  • – Rather than apologize, I have found the perfect song to play for the next drama involving me…. #
  • – My status *DID* appear a bit immature and… DRAMATIC. Let me try this one again. #

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