Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

Can’t get enough of my obnoxiousness on MySpace and Facebook?

Now you can Follow me on Twitter TOO! 😀

  • That’s right! I rode in the Bat Boat!! Eat yer hearts out! #
  • – Now that all the White people left for Facebook, I can finally post this!!! 😀 #
  • Josh strikes again. HAAAAAA!!!! #
  • Hey Retro Eric! Remember this jam? *GLEE!* #
  • Hey Retro Eric…. remember this jam? Ring a ling, I got everything… to make you feel al-right! 😀 #
  • BTR tonight with Dirty Sally, Kelly Jo, & Lorenzo Dunning, funny animation, and a NEW Queen this week! Hail C.C! #
  • – LIVE ON BTR! Dirty Sally, Kelly Jo, and Lorenzo Dunning! #
  • And the MySpace saga continues throughout Dramageddon! #
  • – People are starting to post their “Goodbye MySpace” blogs. June 30th is our last day here, people. 🙁 #
  • – So what if MySpace is closing this month? LET’S TEAR THE ROOF OFF THIS B!TCH!!!!!!! #
  • I had to remix it and delete the old one because someone wanted to be taken out of the video… UGH! #
  • HAHAHA! Only Geko would think of something like this! DAMN YOU!1!! #
  • In fact, I go to the shows just for the Bukkake and Twatwaffles. HOORAY for Sweet Nina! #
  • – I am ALL about educational videos this week! #
  • – Turns out I can’t afford MySpace PRO™ so I wont be here when MySpace shuts down on June 30th, 2010… :*( #
  • The Best of the Xtra Normal videos… Got one??? Add them to the comments! #
  • Oh SCREW XTRANORMAL! I am in the middle of a masterpiece and they suddenly charge for their services? #
  • Nay Nay will post the contest blog tomorrow, Last chance guys get your pics in, and there is a big prize for this chall… #
  • just realized MySpace deleted my “How to give 2 kudos” blog. LOL! Come on!!! It’s not like I passed the secret out in the height of mayhem. #
  • – Summer’s here, and the time is right for… #
  • HOLEE COW!!!! Dirty Sally has a contest and guess what the prize is??? #
  • – AWWWWW YEAH! Honorary Breasted Citizens gone WILD! See it before it’s deleted by the MySpazz Police! #
  • – Pillow Pants gets her revenge, and I am APPALLED! The lack of proper punctuation and constant run-on sentences is UTT… #

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