Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

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  • has some commitments, projects, and loose ends I need to tie up. #
  • I think Suzz cracked the secret… keep mentioning me and I keep pimping you out. #
  • Do you love your Nookie too? What are kids listening to these days??? #
  • Ahhhhh it’s poetry corner on MySpace! I love poetry as much as I love pretentious pricks from NYC! #
  • – OK one more for the night and then back to work… #
  • Score one for the guys!!!! HAAAAAAAA! #
  • …. And score one for the girls I guess (is there a blogging theme going on I don’t know about?) #
  • wonders if Nina will “First” his status? #
  • Nay Nay needs our input. TO THE BATPOLES!!!! #
  • – I can’t recommend this blog and this series enough! #
  • This cracked me up because it’s SO TRUE!!!! #
  • The BTR party has been moved here now… see you there. #
  • wonders how smart can Lois Lane POSSIBLY BE if all it takes is a pair of glasses to throw her off? #
  • – pssst fellas, she has no gag reflex! *wink* *nudge* #
  • – For Nay Nay… because nothing makes a woman happier than CHOCOLATE!!!! #
  • – Mike NAA kicks ass with this list. ALSO, I left a link on where to sign up for MySpace® PRO (for FREE) in the comment… #
  • – Don’t blame it on the DRAMA, don’t blame it on the N&P, Don’t blame it on the poetry… #
  • OH NOES!!! I’ve been schooled in the wayz of FUNK! #
  • votes to BRING BACK BIG HAIR and crimping for women… what do you say, fellas? #
  • – June weddings… *sniffle* #
  • – This has the makings of a pretty good discussion. There’s potential for people making amends, but I wouldn’t hold my … #
  • Just started his new diet and exercise regimen. I have to lose 450 lbs before Jenapher Crowley and family come to CyberTown next week. #
  • just learned that a census taker’s vision is motion-based. If you don’t move, they don’t see you hiding behind the couch. #
  • Awwwwww how sweet. I think this is the first time Nay Nay was aware of all the guys calling out her name though. #
  • – Simply because I don’t think your status streams have been filled with enough useless crap yet… #
  • – I got schooled again! LULZ! #
  • – This was excellent. Will you continue to let fear dictate your actions? #
  • – I love Louis Amstrong!!!!! WOOT!!!! #
  • – AWWWWWWWW I am feeling the LUUUUUUUV today!!!! (Some ood music tonight I have to admit) #
  • – AWWWWWWWW I am feeling the LUUUUUUUV today!!!! (Some good music tonight, I have to admit) #
  • – From me to all of you….<3 (thx 2 JoDyZvv0rLd) #
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Oh man, leave it to him to be first with the parodies! #
  • – That was the big drama bomb? Al Sharpton? HAHAHAHA! Please! His hair went out of style during the Jackson’s Victory Tour! #
  • And now for some FUN!!! #
  • And now for some fun… Nina is live in 13 minutes! #
  • – And the Sweet Nina show continues – live now… #
  • And Now the party has been moved to here! #
  • – Here’s an oldie, but goodie from when my kids were little (and i am too lazy to blog). HAPPY FATHER’S DAY AND HAPPY B… #
  • – In case it got buried in your activity stream in the wee hours of the night, here’s an oldie from 2002… have a grea… #
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