Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

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  • This week’s challenge courtesy of Nay Nay! (IF that’s her real name) #
  • UH OH! I just heard that the internet is “THERIOUTH BITHNETH” according to Carl Cannabithhhhhhh #
  • Missing someone on your friends list? People are picking on poor, sweet, little innocent Stacey again. #
  • She got deleted? Is MySpazz kidding???!!!? We’re in the middle of a weekly challenge here!!! #
  • – I kind of sidetracked and rambled a bit instead of staying on point… but in the wee hours of the night I blogged. #
  • Good stuff right here! Though the NAA should be BANNED from MySpace! Grrrrrrr! #
  • publicly apologizes to Sir Dicky for accusing him of the big oil spill. It was someone from the NAA!!!!! #
  • – Rabbi Max will probably claim some cowboy named after a fast food joint made this first. Watch. #
  • just flicked on the garage light to find “Bruce” fluttering around in there. We both scared the crap out of each other. #
  • – Anyone remember when Carl Cannabithhh was giving out “Black Cards” so White people can say the “N” word… now he’s all against racism #
  • It’s baaaaaaaaaack! #
  • – NO U!!!!! #
  • Looking for some late night company? On live now #
  • -Awwwwwww! Go out and show a Troll some love and appreciation today!!!! #
  • Can we help a lady out with a quick question here??? #
  • – Let’s point and laugh at all the messed up people commenting and kudoing a blog issuing DEATH THREATS against me and … #
  • – My cousin/sister/niece Mayet wrote a really funny blog… check it out! #
  • – WHAAAAAAT???!!!!!? #
  • – Nina’s infamous boob pic that everyone is talking about: CLICK HERE –> #
  • – Anyone remember when Carlton Banks was “The Tap Dance Kid”? #
  • – my new blonde secretary isn’t working out. Today she couldn’t find her pencil and she had a tampon in her ear. #
  • thought a ghost was sending me an eerie message in my alphabet soup… but it turned out I was eating Spaghetti-O’s. #
  • – Never underestimate the POWER of the Dark Side #
  • – When you have kids, when you NEED prescriptions and services your insurance wont cover, when you HAVE no insurance…… #
  • – I have to say this was pretty objective, spot-on, and even respectful toward various adversaries. #
  • – This was funny as hell!!!! #
  • – HA! The gerbil shavings and breast reduction worked! I have fooled Black Rose, Her Hubby, and the Crowleys that I am really a guy! #
  • – Oh lord… ANOTHER list? Let the Butthurt begin!!!! #
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