Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

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  • – ADD Pillowpants as a friend NOW!!! And tell them that Sweet Niriato sent you. #
  • – Ever wondered why you are so $&#@ing STOOPID? Hulia is bringing culcher to MySpace… LOAD MOUTHS #
  • – Hey, whoever is flinging those bullshit “Rominy E-Curses” at me, can you knock it off? I’m trying to watch tv here… #
  • – A very important article to share with children. Either yours, or the altar boy currently sitting on your lap in the … #
  • – YOU cyberbullies make me sick. #
  • – Q: Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? A: Cuz FIFA said it didn’t. #
  • Q: How do you kill a bunch of retards on a bus? A: Put poison on the windows. #
  • – This Week’s ‘Dirty Sally Challenge’, courtesy of the one and only 4 Ur Viewing Pleasure… #
  • – I shouldn’t even be pimping this kind of vicious garbage, yet I’m doing it anyway. I already rerget it. Sorry. #
  • – I shouldn’t even be pimping this kind of vicious garbage, yet I’m doing it anyway. I already regret it. Sorry. #
  • – People on MySpace meeting in real life? Are these people CRAZY??? I’d never do that! (Who’s the chick with the gerbi… #
  • So…. Black Rose tells the whole story of how she, Jenapher & Nelly Crowley and I met over the weekend [TRUE STORY – h… #
  • has been banned from eBay. Apparently, a rat and a plastic tube does not constitute a Do-It-Yourself abortion kit. #
  • – If Helen Keller had ESP, would you say she had a fourth sense? #
  • – Re-Add Princess Paula here. She got deleted. #
  • – It’s funny because IT’S TRUE!!!! #
  • ?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUuuuuuuuuUUUUU ???? #
  • Welcome to The Alzheimer’s information web page. Please enter your 16 digit password. #
  • – He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack…. hide your daughters, and maybe your grandma too. #
  • is well aware of what the same old slimy backstabbers are planning. I just think articulating ‘I DON’T CARE’ defeats the purpose… #
  • is starving and had 2 chocolate rice cakes. Smells like Cocoa Pebbles, but tastes like styrofoam with choclolate powder. #
  • – I can’t believe she’s leaving. Who will pimp out the good blogs, and join in on all the fun with us now? #
  • has exceeded his comment usage quota for the day. Hope the rest of you like just kudos on your blogs. #
  • – Please help me MySpacers. I am heartbroken right now. 🙁 #
  • – Wow… a normal blog from someone. Go figure. If you don’t know Suzie, she’s awesome, creative and very funny. #
  • – Axle Rage says “ManOWar” and I say Donny Osmond. So HA!!! #
  • – Next to the Osmonds, nobody was cooler and rocked harder than THIS guy. *Bangs Head* #
  • actually remade this song in 1991. It was all New Jack Swing and I rapped too. It was badass. LOL. Where are all my old… #
  • – When is everyone going to learn to avoid this freak??? Andrew M is a freakin psychotic wack job and obsessed! Poor Gi… #
  • – In case you missed my MySpace blog from last year. I did warn you folks about this loon. #
  • And here’s Chad 360’s blog from last year in case you need a THIRD opinion. HAAAA! Memories! #
  • – OMFG! Forget what I wrote, the comments are even funnier than the blog! Check it out…. #
  • has never been too worried about noisy little yipping dogs. That’s all they do. Now the big ones that stare and let out a little growl… #
  • – HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA (and Er!n, Don, and Haterz) #
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