Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

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  • – Oh it gets better and better with Mr. Creepy Liver Guy. Recorded phone threats now. LULZ! #
  • has to admit the one thing I miss about the Poconos is we’d be at Fernwood, taking in the fireworks and a concert right now. #
  • – Since I have a soft spot for nurses (and people that actually read my blog before they promote stuff), help Dolly out… #
  • Hooray!!!! Suzie has solved all of MySpace’s ills with just one blog. Now off to solve the BP Oil crisis, girl! UP! UP!… #
  • – Someone had the AUDACITY to call me a ‘pretentious pr!ck’ today. I almost choked on my latte. #
  • – Since I have exceeded my comment limit here again, the least I can do is pimp out this fine rant. #
  • – Anyone want a dog? CHEAP? Willing to go to a good Chinese Restaurant. #
  • – If you are raising a little man at home… this blog comes highly recommended. #
  • – Just a friendly reminder: Not everyone in the U.K. is creepy and psychotic. #
  • – OK well you guys know I close off comments the day after my blog ranks, so get your smartass remarks in while you can! #
  • Pics of Stacey in a see-thru night gown… see it before it’s deleted! #
  • – I know this kid. Believe me, I’m not surprised. Neither is anyone else from Stroudsburg… #
  • – Reading all my daughters’ statuses objecting to how their boyfriends will be interrogated and asked if they are killers from now on. #
  • – I lol’d! #
  • – HAHAHA!!!! Johnny K cracks me up every time!!! #
  • sees all these fake “i love you”s and floaty hearts around here and wishes myspace would make a “stab u in the eye with a pencil” emoticon. #
  • is making new emoticons for MySpace. Here is a fork for Michelle. #
  • – I haven’t read this yet (found it via a friend on Facebook), but it may be useful to some of you guys. #
  • – Classic!!!! Haiti still hates us for making fun of them in their darkest hour! SWEEEET! #
  • – Come for the painting… stay for the music! #
  • – Mel Gibson said he’s sorry. Now leave him the F**K alone. #
  • – Good stuff. #
  • – For Retro Eric <3 #
  • – Vote every day. Jen Crowley wants to win this. I will be re-linking this a few times so, don’t bother commenting here. #
  • – A little light reading on a Sunday morning. Enjoy! #
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