Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

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  • – Tres sexy! Go see it, ladies. #
  • Jen Crowley really wants to win this free spa thing. Vote Vote! Vote! #
  • – Guess it’s oldies night on MySpace? #
  • – And in other news, Andrew M thanks Mel Gibson for making his voice messages look sweet & romantic., HAHAHA! #
  • – Standing outside in the storm last night for answers and inspiration reminded me… I am drawn to raw power. #
  • – And what British Invasion on MySpace is complete without THIS crazy old bat? Add her and check out her blogs. #
  • – Makes perfect sense when you looks back at many failed relationships, when the pieces aren’t adding up, doesn’t it? *… #
  • – Nina, Jen, CF, and Nay Nay? Guess what? #
  • – TIME TO VOTE! ~ no registration, just a quick click every day to help her win a spa vacation!Read more: h #
  • – Way to go, MANtana. You ruined this really nice blog. Asshole, (It’s a TRAINWRECK INSIDE!!!) #
  • – See you there losers! Register first if you don’t have a BTR account. #
  • – LULZ!!!! #
  • – Jenapher Crowley, The Queen of Coupon Clippings and Savings has another one for ya. Spread the word to your friends… #
  • – On the air right now… see you there! #
  • has been researching and trying to learn his roots. I am shocked to learn all this about the Jews. #
  • – And since my family comes from LIVERpool, U.K. I thought I would look them up too! #
  • feels like a Sleeper Agent who was just woken up from a long nightmare of EMO Drama and Faggotry – MAYHEM ENSUES! #
  • Wow… #1 in the MySpace category and I had the comments off and everything. (I’m humble like that). #
  • – Jen reposts an old O’Casey blog… really worth the read. Trust me. #
  • – MANtana blog deleted! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Do I see a massive /r/aid coming in the near future? #
  • ?? ??? ?? ?? ????? : ?? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ????? ?? ????? ? ???? ?? ???? ?? #
  • – Because commenting blogs in plain English is soooooooo 2009! #
  • – “We are every dark impulse you have; unrestrained and fully realized.” #
  • – (via Nay Nay) Oh SHIT this was FUNNY! HAHAHAHA!!!! (because it’s true *RUNS*) #
  • – Despite our differences (or should I say similarities), I have to say this was one hell of a good blog. #
  • – Looking to earn some extra money at home? Ruby posts a few more ideas and places for you. #
  • just heard Sweet Nina is having a BTR show dedicated to the 80’s??? TOTALLY RAD! When is it? #
  • – Until the next big LOLocaust thread comes out, I put my away message back up. Some one let me know ok? Send n00dz to the usual place. #
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