Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

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  • Ohhhh Jim done and did it this time. STACEY RULES! #
  • – Time to bring my Clown e-Lawyer back. We need an Attorney at LOL to handle all the MySpace lawsuits going on!!! #
  • – The reviews are in!!!!! #
  • – Voting time for Jen & Nelly. Don’t give up. Only takes a click or two. #
  • – calling all MEN who are poets, but not EMO or Gay (isn’t that like asking for an honest lawyer?) #
  • – Whoah! A must-read. As Jim is turning on Showstopper, you have Axel dropping bombs here… you may be in it!!! FUCK!… #
  • – IT’S OFFICIALLY A TRAINWRECK!!!! Popcorn and puppies for everyone! #
  • add nina back, she’s the best friend on myspace EVAR! 22% more LULZ in every serving! #
  • – Voting time! #
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