Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

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  • – Jolly Judd got deleted (even though he’s never here). RE-ADD plz. #
  • would like to thank Nina, Haterz, and Frank Boone for his inbox full of LULZ tonight. #
  • – haven’t read it yet, but it’s got my name on it, so it’s GOTTA be good!!!!! #
  • – Some funny stuff, check it out for some laughs. #
  • – Also, the Captain of the Titanic has just announced “Yes, we know we sprung a little leak. Shut UP AND QUIT COMPLAINING… #
  • – New stress relief techniques. IT WORKS! BRING ON THE LOLOCAUST! #
  • – My new book “How to Shoplift” is selling just as badly as my last one: “13 Ways to Overcome Triscadecaphobia” #
  • – MySpace is making a HUGE MISTAKE if they think we are going to “get used to” not having the “Reply to” function. Urgg… #
  • is going to put up an emergency blog later on today and us bloggers are all gonna have a sit down and plan what to do, capice? #
  • After you read my blog… read this. #
  • – If you are still blogging on MySpace, here are some tips to save yourself from the impending implosion… #
  • – Jesus RULES! #
  • – Updated with more offsite blogs from your favorite bloggers. Come on in add your wordpress/blogger/etc blogs to the l… #
  • – Food and fun! #
  • – thank you SO MUCH for answering my blog comments for me while I slept, Sybil. YOU’RE HIRED! #
  • The potential for potty and poop jokes on this blog is ENORMOUS. #
  • – I really liked this one. #
  • – Anyone ELSE sick of mind games? #
  • – Ironically, Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me. EMBRACE THE CHAOS! 😀 #
  • – Dear Retro Eric: I love you so much it HURTS! <3 ME! ME! ME! #
  • – OK Lisarae, as promised… and since I’m in the mood for an 80’s grooving bassline… 😀 #
  • really wishes people would stop laughing because I turn my head askew like a dog when someone says or does something stupid. #
  • I subscribed to LINDAMacI’s channel on YouTube. #
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