Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

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  • – Just think, 20 years from today, I can get my caffeine pills at a senior citizens discount, and it will be grandkids telling me to grow up #
  • has a zillion wall post, emails, and comments to reply to… THANK YOU ALL for making my day yesterday. <3 you all! #
  • – WOW! Myspace fixed the Top Blogs section and there’s no Human Evolution in there. Where is your non-God now??? #
  • – Can one of you ladies take a five minute break from “Bash Men Day” and make me breakfast? I’m hungry. #
  • I subscribed to 310LAFUNK’s channel on YouTube. #
  • thinks he has a “ricochet effect” going on with his Twitter, NetworkedBlogs, MS, FB, then back to Twitter to start over again. #
  • – Good news, fellas! This trick also works on our packages too. #
  • You Thrill Me, Half Kill Me… That’s What You DooOOOooo #
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